Monday, May 30, 2016



Please remember to give thanks to all those we have lost and to all those that have given us our freedom! We hope your Memorial Day celebrations are safe and fun!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

"In Good Hands" Gina Waite

I remember so many details about my Mom.  The sound of her feet across the floor, the way she’d hum her favorite songs as she dusted her beautiful Knick-knacks in the living room, the smell of the floral-inspired body spray she’d wear that would intoxicate everyone in the room while she was in it!  The sound of her laugh…when she’d REALLY getting laughing, tiny little squeaks with intermittent high-pitch exclamations of joy which usually resulted in a terrible coughing fit and sometimes, even sneezing.  I loved listening to my Mom wind our grandfather clock, the unexplainable language that would beset us ALL whilst listening and watching my Mom with her grandchildren.  Our favorite pastime together, watching movies while eating popcorn that had been generously interlaced with chocolate M&M’s all washed down with frequent swigs of Pepsi Max. 

It’s the memory of her hands…so capable, so talented…that is a most cherished and tender thought!  Though genetically gifted with pigmentation and elasticity, my Mom’s hands were also beautifully graced with scars that indicated the years of loving service to her family and friends.  The thing I miss most about her hands…the feeling of mine in hers, all that she taught me and the beautiful magic she created with them!  My children, both gifted with beautiful genetic traits from my Mother, remind me so much of her.  My daughter has my Mother’s hands.  So beautiful and thrilling to witness the similarities, I just love to hold them as a reminder of how closely connected we ALL are.  My son has my Mother’s cheekbones and smile…I could glance at his face all day, that is…if he were near me and weren’t a teen with a very decided opinion at his Mother glancing at him for long periods of time.  As much as I am grateful for these similarities…it’s my children’s ability to love each other so completely that resembles my Mother’s greatest quality…her ability to LOVE her family and be so closely connected to each member.

Recently, my children entered a ballroom competition together that most assuredly they’d practiced for and were committed to doing their best in.  As this was my son’s last year of competing with his sister as a high school student, the level of commitment from my daughter to her brother was far greater than any desire for her own aggrandizement.  When the two took to the floor I could tell within 30 seconds of them dancing together that the stress of her worrying about her individual performance, for the sake of her brother, coupled with the drawn out symptoms of mono had taken a huge toll and that a medal for my son’s final competition was unfortunately, out of reach.  Concerned about them, I ran to where they’d been ushered off of the dance floor.  When I found them, my son, holding his sister’s hand repeatedly telling her, “It’s okay…you did the best you could today!  I love you and I’m just so glad you’re alright.”    My son’s concern for his sister’s well-being far surpassed his desire for a medal. My eyes heavy laden with tears, I took in all that was before me.  Since that day, my heart, so completely full of a Mother’s love, have felt the influence and example of my own Mother so near.  I love my Mom!  The example of love she was to her children, and grandchildren, will live on and most definitely is…in good hands!