Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial Days...Day Marlene Terry and Verl Terry

As the husband of Marlene Terry many blogs that she wrote went right to my heart with laughter, sorrow, regrets, amusement, fantasy, love, and many emotions especially since her passing on November 16, 2013.  I really miss her cute personality, her smile, her big brown eyes looking at me for comments or emotions that I would show during the reading of her blogs.   I know exactly how Marlene felt about her family and all the prayers, phone calls, and tears shed by this special lady.  

My favorite blog is...It's the Crew!  Marlene loved anything that dealt with space travel and all the adventures of the crew on the Starship Enterprise.  She watched Captain Kirk and laughed at all his crazy romances with all kinds of foreign women.  She always loved the quote, "Beam me up Scotty" in which was always her wish.  Well, she got her wish on November 16.  Lucky for her she can now travel anywhere in space, time, or to her favorite...planets in the universe.  I know she has come back to visit this Old World, for we have felt her spirit many times.  One of the quotes used in Star Trek was, "Once you leave, you cannot go home again".  Well, this is not true for the love of my life!  Marlene has gone home again!  Surrounded by many other of our family members that loved her and have passed on, Marlene will continue to champion our Savior and our Heavenly Father and their plan of Salvation.  A plan that includes going to a New World and having many adventures and returning home again.  Marlene returned home from her mission here with this report from Him, even Jesus the Christ, "Well done my daughter.  Welcome Home!"

Thank YOU Honey...for all the memories!
Love Always,
Your Superman

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Days...Day Marlene Terry and Angie Terry

Memorial days...Day Marlene Terry and Angie Terry

With Memorial week here it has been a good soul searching task to pick our moms favorite Nutshell post. I have read through them all and many tears later I have decided to pick “It’s the Crew.” And why you might ask? I have to say living life without my mother is the hardest thing to date that I have experienced, I have had many realizations of the influence and how much of who I am is from her. With that said and my Star Trek emblem on my car I know where my love for” The Crew “came from...and all I can say is "Beam me up Scotty!"

Originally posted: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 on Facebook at at her residence at

It's the crew ...

I've seen it multiple times and before I'm through I'll have a lot of the lines memorized and be walking on cloud nine at "warp speed."
Absolutely LOVE LOVE the new Star Trek movie(s) and its ability to offer the viewer "time travel" so to speak!

It's a no brainer that someone like me would be critical. I do after all, drive around with a Star Trek symbol on the back window of my car. I've also been a "Trekkie" since the original TV series aired one day after my birthday in 1966.

Back then, space really WAS the final frontier. We hadn't been to the moon yet. And the new civilizations that Captain James T. Kirk (those of us who knew him well just called him Jim), Spock, Sulu, Dr. McCoy — better known as "Bones," Scotty, Chekov and the only girl on the team, Uhura, boldly took us to where dreams came true.

We happily cruised along on the star ship Enterprise for three seasons, through encounters with Romulins, Vulcans and those nasty Klingons, we all loved to hate. And we blushed at Jim's romantic escapades with female species in every galaxy — all who strangely had morphed into the '60s earthling go-go style, with big hair, Cleopatra makeup, mini skirts and boots.

We learned to love Spock's logic and the way he took care of his enemies with the Vulcan nerve grip that rendered even the most menacing monster helpless. And we all practiced until we mastered the finger contortion required to be able to say with sincerity, "Live long and prosper."

Scotty was seemingly the worst engineer in the federation, and could never guarantee that the Enterprise would hold up at any speed —especially warp. And Sulu and Chekov drove us through deep space from one adventure to another, always warning the crew whenever there was a cloaked ship hiding in the nebula ahead.

Dr. McCoy ("Bones") spent hardly any time at all in sickbay, and hung out on the bridge where he razzed Spock about his "green blood" and cursed!
I really do think it was a requirement that "Damnit Jim," was uttered by Bones at least four times during each episode. ... And when it was, it was respected and revered by fans.

Communications officer, Uhura, with her poky-outy ear pod, kept the crew in touch with everyone and anything, and made the bridge sensitive, stylish and sexy.

My point IS ... despite the great stories, the success of Star Trek has always been the crew and their relationship with one another and of course ... us.

And even though they say "you can't go home again," that's exactly where the new crew of the Enterprise takes us. Back when we were all young, excited about the future and more than enthusiastic, in spite of the dangers and the unknown, to explore what was ahead for us.

... And all I can say to that is ... Beam me up Scotty!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Days...Day Marlene Terry and Gina Waite

What a bittersweet week of reminiscing!  I mean I love re-reading and reliving my Mom's thoughts through her stories but it doesn't come without longing to call her and talk with her about them!  Man!!!!  She was a gifted writer!!!  I mean the gal could be sitting at a booth for lunch and she would grab a napkin and pen and jot down the last paragraph of an upcoming blog she had in her mind!  I'm telling you, it happened...and she read it to me and without even knowing what the rest of the blog would be about...I had tears in my eyes from the wrap up!  She was the master at more than just writing!  I always thought my Mom was such a beautiful, put together as beautiful as a movie star!  However, I don't think she ever really knew how lovely she truly was...which is why it was so fun to doll her up!

Which brings me to my favorite Nutshell!  It's a sum up of a very fun and memorable weekend for the Terry women!  It had a name... GOW...Girls Only Weekend...and boy, was it fun!  We screamed at Lagoon together, and shopped at the craft boutiques til we dropped but the most enjoyable time spent during our GOW trip, was the brief afternoon when our Mother, the most selfless woman I know, LET her girls dote on her!  Spoil her to the point where she looked, and felt...Fabulous...there's no "Almost" about it!   Here, allow me to let a far superior writer tell you the rest of the story!  Take it away Mom...

Originally posted November 4, 2013 on Facebook and at Marlene's residence at:


Almost Fabulous...


Noun. An overall treatment to improve the appearance or change the image of something undesirable.

… At least that’s what a makeover is supposed to accomplish.

And I believe that to be true ... at least temporarily. 
I mean I did think that I looked more fresh and colorful than I had for weeks. … In fact … almost fabulous!

If the truth be known I actually glistened a little.
That is, I glistened after a team of miracle workers, including a Merle Norman employee and two of my cute daughters, worked very hard to minimize my pores (I have no idea what that is) with expensive mineral makeup, arch my eyebrows at the correct place … instead of where my eyebrow pencil got tired and stopped (my technique), and apply lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss, all at once, as well as several shades of eye shadow in order to highlight my older eyes and make them appear youthful, dramatic and gorgeous. … Or so they said.

Have to admit I’d been feeling a little diminished lately. You know, the time in our lives that happens when especially women wake up, look into a mirror and suddenly notice that they're beginning to resemble the grapes in her refrigerator. ... Those that have been there longer than they should have been and have lost their once vibrant color, and are looking a little wrinkled and as if all the juice had been sucked right out of them.

… Believe me when I say, that look is devastating at times ... much more than just growing older!

Needless to say it was really a lift for me to emerge from the makeup chair that day with new hope.
… "Just maybe," I thought, I didn't look as old as I felt!

The best part of that experience was my girls all chipped in and gifted me with everything I’d need to be able to keep up the new look.
... Three lipstick pencils complete with liner and lip gloss to match. A triple combination eye shadow kit to create sexy, smoky eyes, and another for everyday wear, along with lid glitter, highlighter, brow powder, applicators, brushes and … SPACKLE.

… Or maybe the spackle was what I picked up at the hardware store earlier, and it got placed into my makeup bag by mistake. … I just can’t remember.

I was also gifted with some rosy cream blush and an egg-shaped sponge to apply it, along with the entire process, hand-drawn out on a piece of notebook paper by a sweet daughter who I’m sure was happy to see me looking ... LESS TIRED!

... In other words I had everything I needed!

The only problem?

 … Now that I’m at home alone, with just the memory of that day and expert help that made it happen not readily available … does anyone know how to OPEN an eye shadow compact?

… I’d really like to know!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Days...Day Marlene Terry and Jim Terry

Memorial Days...Day 2...By Marlene Terry and Jim Terry

My sister made a good suggestion that since this is Memorial Day week that we share one of our favorite blogs that my Mother wrote. I must say that I had a hard time choosing just one as I think her talents for writing far surpass anything I could wield with my thoughts and my keyboard. But one came to mind because it was an experience I had and was able to share with her.

It was a trip I made home the first part of August last year to see my family and celebrate a couple of things with my parents. The first thing I wanted to celebrate was the publication of my Mom’s first volume of “In A Nutshell.” She had worked hard on all these stories she shares with us and I wanted to see her reaction when she recognized she was now a published author.

Secondly, I wanted to celebrate a birthday for my Dad on the 8th of August and also my Mom’s birthday on the 7th of September…Kind of a two in one deal since I now live in California and am not just around the corner.

So this blog that she wrote is about her experiencing the “SURPRISE” I gave to her and my Dad.  The biggest and best gift I received from here that day is just the fact she wrote about this experience and I knew how much it meant to her.  I would only beg to differ though that the "wizards" making all my dreams come true were the ones who were floating above me in the balloon. "Thanks Dad and Thanks Mom! You're the best. I love you!"

Originally posted August 9th, 2013 on Facebook and at her residence at

Someday I'd like to ...

Up recently at 4:30 a.m. in order to head out "at 5:30 sharp," on a very special, secret trip provided by Jim our oldest son.
No clues at all except my hubby and I were to bring camera and wear jackets.

Knowing Jim and his very adventurous spirit, it was a restless night as I pondered what could be ahead. ... I mean, the last time we left early in the morning on a secret trip (on Mother's Day) with cameras and jackets and not knowing where we were going as per Jim's instructions, we ended up on a road trip to have breakfast at the Pancake House in McCall, Idaho. ... And did I mention we made the journey in a bright red Mustang convertible ... with the top down ... all the way?

In between my sleeping hours I wondered how I could keep my hair looking reasonably human if we were to do that again. You can believe me when I say that despite all those old Doris Day movies where she was pictured beautiful and unruffled while speeding down the highway in a convertible, scarves, hats and/or trying to hold my hair-do in place with my hands during our McCall trip failed miserably. I arrived at the restaurant looking like I'd placed my finger in a electric socket.So with those thoughts in my mind I prepared for another windy ride.

That's why on this particular morning I was more than a little surprised to see no convertible at all sitting in the driveway. And after we'd driven around for a half hour in every direction I'd become resigned to the fact that a return trip to McCall was just not in the cards.
That's when Jim stopped his car and with that big smile of his and a twinkle in his eye, told us he'd forgotten where he was going and we'd have to backtrack.

Just want to stop here and tell you that almost every single experience I've had in my life, those that have scared me to death, thrilled me beyond words and made me want to shout to the world, "HEY LOOK AT ME. I DID IT," and most of all, those that I remember with laughter and affection and brag about, have been because one or at times, all of our kids made them happen.
All I have to say is "You know, someday I'd like to ... ..."and it's a given. Without a doubt, and if it's possible at all, sooner or later I'll have the opportunity.

That's why on this day I found myself high above the beautiful Treasure Valley, floating quietly and uninhibited among birds and breezes in the basket of a gorgeous hot air balloon...
Couldn't help but think about the Wizard of Oz and how he floated away, hitching a ride on a tornado and ended up in a magical land where he took on the role of caretaker ... making EVERYONE'S DREAMS come true.

This time though, the wizard was in his car below us, following along as WE drifted peacefully in OUR dreams ... every now and then pulling over to the side of the road to snap a photo, wave and laugh!
... Thanks Jim. You're the best!

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Marlene Terry and Mary Hazlett

Wonderful that you joined us on Memorial Day!  This week is going to be extra special.   It will be a Memorial week of our mother's blogs.  I told my mom that she was always so good at summing up her stories at the end of the blog  with the ability of making me laugh out loud, cry, or even ponder.  Marlene was a talented writer and a true artist at her craft...making us all experience her stories as if we had lived them and reminding us that even the simplest of things in life have meaning. 

Over the years, with many failures and successes, I have made my mom some aprons. Which I think is a large reason to why I love this blog.  I tried desperately to become a seamstress...but this blog is not about is about Mom, her life and story, and her magical ways of taking us there. So enjoy!  I love you Mom and miss you!

Originally posted: August 19, 2013 Marlene Terry

When I think of my grandmother the image of her standing on the front porch at our little house on 3rd South always comes to mind.

By the time I got to know her, she was already old. At least that's what I thought. Her hair, long and snow white, was always twisted into a plain, no fuss bun and her face was free from makeup. She also wore those sturdy (and always black) grandma shoes, and never appeared in public without them or without ... her apron.

You know. Aprons used to be standard fare for a lady of the house. The purpose? To keep the wearer's dresses (the one or two they owned) unspotted and tidy.
Funny I think, that I really don't remember what any of Grandma's dresses looked like. But her aprons? Unforgettable.

She preferred the olden days cobbler type — made, many times, from recycled flour sacks. Now and then however, when there was extra money to spend she'd sew one up from a bright-colored floral print.
Grandma's aprons slipped over her head, had one or two HUGE pockets in front and tied in a bow in the back. But it was how she used her aprons, far beyond the purpose they were intended for, that I remember most.

I learned early on that an apron can be a handy basket. Pull the bottom ends together with one hand and use the other to fill the space with apples, or tomatoes, cucumbers and melons from the garden.
Grandma's apron also served her as a hand towel when she needed dry hands or a rag to clean off the counter, a hot pad for removing her delicious pies and raisin-filled cookies from the oven, an arm and hand warmer so she could wrap up, stand on the porch and visit with neighbors on chilly days, and when necessary, a handkerchief for a child's runny nose.

When bad news came, Grandma's apron became twisted and strained to relieve the stress she felt. It also covered her face to hide and dry the tears that flowed both, when her heart was full of joy and/or challenges just got to be  more than she could bear.

That being said, after decades when the apron has had little or no purpose and place in modern-day life, I'm pleased to report the trend towards them seems to be returning.

... Just a few days ago I watched from my window and saw a neighbor standing on her front porch using an apron, of-all-things, to wave goodbye to loved ones who were leaving after a few days visit. 
... And yes, she also dabbed away some tears before going back inside.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Lemmings and Lemons... by Ben Hazlett

One time in college I arrived at the door to the lecture hall only to see a lot of people standing and even sitting outside the closed door.  I assessed the scene and without giving it much thought waited with all the rest.  After some time, a girl walked passed all of us, yanked the door open and when in.  None of us made eye contact with each other as we filed into the room that had been open the entire time we were waiting.  

So, that raises the question, how often do we do things just because other people are doing them? Even better question is what about when we don't!  Here's a few examples of things I have either observed, thought about, or done... I won't say which.

1. Have you thought how much time you could save in the buffet line by just eating the food as you go down the line? You wouldn't need a plate, silverware, or a table. Since no one is serving you, you wouldn't need to leave a tip either! This would be even more helpful in cases where you find yourself stuck behind the guy who is trying to balance 5 plates, 2 drinks, and 4 deserts as he meticulously surveys every last inch of his food options. 

2. It would be very handy, though admittedly dangerous and probably illegal, to mount a water-balloon launcher on your car.  It would certainly help with road rage.

3. This one I know you have at least thought about: You're at Walmart and there is are 2 out of 40 lanes open to serve 300 people... so you look at the self check and think, perfect, maybe I won't have to sleep here afterall.  You scan the first few things perfectly. Then you set the milk down and the machine says something like "unexpected item in bagging area, please wait for assistance," which of course is busy "assisting" other's having the same problem.  And just forget trying to do produce. "Please wait for assistance," that at this point may arrive next week. Come on, admit it.  You have at least once seriously considered calling 911 for assistance instead. Repeat this 25 more times and you're home free.  Just don't look up, because the people who were in 300th place behind you when you jumped to the "quicker" self check out have already made it to their cars.

4. Red Robin always has that TV in the floor in the entry way.  On more than one occasion it happens to be the only set in the place playing the basketball game with my team.  So when the hostess says "where would you like to sit?," I have often wanted to grab a menu and say "how about right here," and flop down right by the TV. That's where all the balloons are anyway. 

5. We all have that family member or friend who asks us that question that is impossible to answer honestly right?  Five minutes after we were commenting to someone else how horrible their new boyfriend is, they ask us what we think about them.  Even worse is when your uncle asks you if you think the comb-over makes him look like he has more hair.  That warning light comes on that says if you say what you are thinking, they will hate you... but if you don't, not only will you be a lier, but you might be held responsible for a terrible divorce or a creepy looking hairstyle. 

I could continue, however, I think I will end by sharing an example of why sometimes it's a good thing to do exactly the opposite of what everyone else is doing.  It was 1100pm and we were at Winco doing some late night grocery shopping while grandpa watched our sleeping kids.  We were both tired and we collected our stuff as quickly as we could amidst the chaos of the late night restocking. When we arrive at the checkout lines, there were only 2 open.  One had 8 people in it with karts pile to the brim. The other had 3 people in it, all with much less in their karts.  It was an obvious choice... then I saw the little old lady slowly beginning to put one item at a time on the conveyer belt and I realized why everyone else had picked the other line. I was tired and admittedly not in my usual chivalrous form, and I may or may not have felt a bit annoyed about having to wait.  I turned to ask Mary if she thought we should jump lines and realized she wasn't next to me.  She had gone forward in line and introduced herself to the senior gal. I heard her say, "you look tired, would it be okay if I helped you with these groceries?" "Why would you want to do that for me?" came the reply.  "Because I can" Mary said.  She then proceeded to help her place bread, and milk and oranges and lemons and every item on the belt.  Mary followed up by bagging all of it to.  Meanwhile I stood by our kart feeling a mixture of pride in my lovely wife and discouragement with myself that I didn't even think of breaking the social mold and offering assistance rather than being put out about waiting.  The crazy thing was that Mary not only succeeded in helping someone's sweet little grandmother, but she also made the line go way faster than the other one at the same time!   

So you could take from this that we should all do more things like walking out "do not exit" doors because they are right by where we parked, or you could just decide that sometimes it makes sense to "play by the rules" and sometimes we need to bag someone's groceries.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Grateful for Gina Waite

You know those moments when you witness an act of kindness so wonderful that all the hair stands up on your arms and you have to swallow hard to hold back the tears.  Well it happens to me the first time I watched this video about giving:

Kindness...the ability to be friendly, generous, considerate, gentle and loving toward others is one of the most important qualities a person can posses.  Recognizing the needs and feelings of others before the concerns you have for yourself is a gift.  One of the many gifts my eleven-year-old nephew, Gabe, possesses!  Gabe, son of Richard and brother to the darling Andrew that my Mom once wrote about, is one of the most kind young men I have ever known! 

Recently, while Gabe's parents were out of town, I was able to watch Gabe and Andrew  for an over night stay.  Much to my delight, they enjoyed having me at their house with them almost as much as I enjoyed being with them!  Two cute, sweet boys that my Dad lovingly refers to as the "fluffy bears"...I'll  have to save the explanation of their nickname for another Nutshell!  Gabe, being the oldest of Richard's two boys, is a stereotypical first born who takes his role very seriously.  While his Mother Iolanda was away, Gabe made sure that he checked off all the instructions she gave him...paying attention to  EVERY detail she asked of him ...most especially the care and well-being of Andrew...let me explain...  

After getting Andrew on the bus, while walking Gabe to his own bus stop the morning after our fun sleepover, Gabe and I discussed the afternoon scheduling.  I related to him that on that particular day of craziness, it was very likely that he would be dropped off at home by the bus before my daughter and I would be there to spend time with him.  After my explanation and in perfect first born fashion, Gabe's biggest concern was who would be waiting for Andrew when he got off the bus.  As Andrew's bus drop off time normally exceeds by an hour Gabe's drop off time, I reassured my sweet nephew that I would be there long before Andrew got home!    "No need to worry Gabe, and please don't wait for Andrew's suppose to rain and I'll be here long before you'll need to do that...have a good day at school!"  

As I picked up my daughter from school that day, we quickly made way to Richard and Iolanda's house.  As predicted, it was raining which made my arrival time even later than I had anticipated.  Within a mile from our destination, I looked at my daughter and said, "how much would you bet me that Gabe is standing out in the rain, waiting for Andrew to get off the bus?"  She looked at me and said, "of course he's waiting for Andrew, Mom...Gabe's always kind like that!"  As we neared the house and rounded the corner, there stood my nephew Gabe!  Smiling, waiting patiently in the storm, Gabe's concern for his own comfort was far outweighed by the concern he had for his younger brother!  My eyes filled with tears at the sight of example of kindness, I will never forget!

I'm happy to say that I've witnessed all types of acts of kindness...some as monetary as the begger-turned-doctor in the video I shared...others as simple as a brother, who waited patiently in the rain to comfort his younger sibling!  Kindness has an overwhelming effect and truly, has no limits!  Just as Aesop said, "no act of kindness, no matter how small, was ever wasted!" 

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The "Run In" Jim Terry

Have you ever started out to do something with that ONE goal in mind and in the process you find yourself doing something entirely different?  This happened to me just the other day.

The “word on the street” at least here in Pacifica was that a pod of grey whales were “hanging around the pier longer than expected.  So I started out on a journey to hike up along the coast past the Pacifica pier in order to try and spot and see this pod of grey whales that are on their annual migration route to the north seas.  The weather could NOT have been more perfect that day.  With temperatures in the low 70ties and light breezes, who could really complain if they didn’t see anything either? I was out and experiencing nature.

Well as it turns out, I did not see any grey whales this trip but in the process, I ran into a bit of history.  And when I say, “ran into”, I literally ran into this item...see my eyes were consciously and continuously focusing on and evaluating the sea and not what was in front of me.  I obviously was concentrating on and trying to see that breech of the water’s surface by a whale and that magnificent sound once the whale’s spout opens to release the old air and intake the new.   

So “What was this item you ran into,” you might ask?

It was a seven foot 2000 lb anchor that was brought up from an old shipwreck.  The ship?  It was a four-mast sailing vessel known as the Brig Rolph.  The ship was named after the ship’s owner and the future Governor of the state of California….James Rolph.

In the year of 1910 the Rolph had departed from the San Francisco bay with a full load of freight bound for the warm plantations of Hana, Hawaii located on the island of Maui.  During the month of August, there can be very dense fog on the coastline in northern California and this is what blinded the ship’s crew and their understanding of where they were.  The Rolph was swept with the strong currents and rip tides too close to shore and was crashed into rocks at Point San Pedro only fifty feet from shore.   And interestingly enough, this was the exact same location that a ship, known as Drumburton, was wrecked only 6 years before.  Tug boats tried for weeks with high tide to remove the ship from the rocks but to no avail.  The ship was eventually stripped and salvaged for “useful” parts. 

Apparently at the time of salvaging this ship, they did not think the anchor of the ship was worth recovering. It wasn’t until 1962 that the Sea Lions Club raised the anchor and awarded it to the city of Pacifica.  The anchor now stands majestically on the footpath adjacent to the beach with signs of corrosion, wear and decay, but with a wonderful history behind it if only you take just a minute to brush away the sand on top of and read the plaque that is located on the ground just in front of it. 

So as I said…I started out to do and observe one thing and ended up doing something totally different.  And even though the site and sound of whales would have been amazing, I feel as though I did find and was able to experience something that can be just an interesting if only you use your imagination…Imagine if you will how remarkable it would be to see the silhouette a four-masted vessel being tossed to and fro in a lurking storm and the dense fog.  As you witness this, you hear the crash of the ocean's waves on the shore as your lungs are filled with that wonderful smell of a salty sea.  You then feel the cold and damp touch of the fog on your skin and the wind on your face and finally see that faint glimmer of light and hear the cry of the horn from a lighthouse warning captains of perilous rocks…not too bad right? I wonder if the old Nautical Proverb, “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning,” would have applied on the day the Rolph set sail? Was the failure of this sailing voyage because the captain of that vessel didn't heed the red morning sky?  

Lastly I’m sure you’re probably asking yourself about any loss of life with this accident right?  You will be glad to know that this story has a happy ending in the fact that no loss of life or even injuries occurred with this accident…both the ship sinking and for this dummy that had the "RUN IN" with the anchor! 

Happy Tuesday and Happy Memorial Day weekend coming up!

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Monday, May 19, 2014 Mary Hazlett

Just bought some of those amazing Girl Scout Cookies.  Man they are expensive buggers...but very worth it.  Anytime I see those girls with their uniforms and cookies I think of the old movie Troop Beverly Hills.  Enjoy this clip and maybe you too will think of this when it is time again to buy those COOKIES!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Plumbing would be easier if Lego made the parts... by Ben Hazlett

Have you ever thought that home repairs would be easier if parts were made by Lego.  They always fit together, they make everything from Star Wars Legos and Harry Potter Legos to castles and whole cities.  I'm sure they could make plumbing Legos!

A couple of days ago we got a phone call that our renters had noticed a small leak in the sprayer in the kitchen.  Mary and I went and looked at it and turns out it just needed a new o ring and a washer.  Problem solved... or so we thought.

While there we found a large crack in the housing of the garbage disposal from which water was also leaking. No problem, I have changed out disposals before, so after a quick trip to Home Depot, I thought the problem would be over.  So Saturday morning, we started in on it.  Four hours and 4 trips to Home Depot later I finished.

See, although the new disposal was the exact same brand as the first, the pipes didn't fit it.  So I had to get new pipes.  Then the basket strainer on the other sink fell out because it was rusted and warped.  So back to Home Depot to get more parts.  Finally worked perfectly!

Of course the next day our renters told us the dishwasher wouldn't empty. Turns out that I forgot that new disposals come with a plug in the dishwasher inlet.  After cleaning the dishwasher, changing the hose, and cleaning the filters, I finally Googled the problem and knocked out the stupid plug.

Lego never would have put in a stupid plug.

On a completely unrelated note, this is a video that can't help but make you smile.  Make sure to give someone a corn dog!

Thursday, May 15, 2014 Gina Waite

I was completely entertained the other day while watching a YouTube video of an ant colony, working together to transport a breadcrumb from where they found it, back to where they wanted to share it!  Ants are determined...knowing the odds may be against them in size individually, they work together as a team to improve their situation and the end result...they can literally move "mountains!"   It is truly amazing to witness the result of sheer determination...I can honestly say that I've witnessed it in my own little "Waite" family!

Having been born of a strong, healthy "Terry" family who's never been concerned about "wasting away," I think between all of us we may own the collective library of every fat-loss/muscle-building book there is known to man!  I've always teased with my husband that my side of the gene pool is representative of the "survival of the fittest" genes...we could maintain weight on a piece bread a day!  ...And I'm pretty sure my ancestors were pretty grateful they could survive on so little and still function!  Gratefully, we live in a time and place where there is Food O'plenty and so it takes a little planning and determination to keep our weight at an optimal number!  This has always been a great source of concern for me but never so much as when I noticed, looking into the face of my beautiful baby boy, that he had been gifted so many of my strong, healthy "Terry" family genes!

The first of many "weighty" situations was the initial weigh-ins for Grid Kid Football.  At the elementary level, Grid Kid Football groups boys into age range and a second consideration, weight.  (For one wants to watch a 180 pound linebacker mow down an 80 pound wide receiver...even if they are the same age, you want the experience to be fair and SAFE for everyone playing!)  I was always glad that they took Jordan's size into consideration but was ALWAYS concerned for him that he may not be able to play football with the boys, and friends, his age!  The height of my concern was realized Jordan's 7th grade year when a concerned coach pulled me aside and mentioned that if Jordan didn't get 18 pounds off by the start of the regular season, he would have to opt to play up in the older age range OR not play at all until his weight was within the 7th grade limit.  ...And as many of you may already know...even if he chose to wait until his weight was within the 7th grade range...without the ability to play in a game and vie for his position...he may not be able to play much at all throughout the year.

Determined and ready to do what he needed to do in order to play with his friends and team...Jordan hit the treadmill, AND sprinted the streets in our neighborhood, AND hit the weight room AND did whatever he could to move his body and keep it burning at an optimal level so that he could play with his TEAM!  Pizza was not an option and my son turned down every dessert he was offered...he was DETERMINED!  Two weeks later...weigh-in day...seemed like it lasted a century.  As a mother, I sat unflinching and focused on the happenings at the weigh-in checkpoint.  

My son, last in line, stood there ready to hear his fate!  As I saw him step up onto the scale, my heart literally felt like it would pound out of my chest!  Jordan, stepping off the scale, started removing helmet, pads, then shoes and with the last step up on the scale...his coach reached over and patted him hard on the back!  No outburst of JOY, no screams of son...with as much restraint as he could muster, turned around to me and gave me a "thumbs up!"  As you may surmise...this partially arthritic Mom, cleared the bleachers and stairs where I was seated in Olympic time only to bolt to my baby boy in delight!  Jordan hugged me and said, "couldn't have done this without you Mom!"  Best words these ears have EVER heard!!!!!

The result of his determination had secured him a position on a team he desperately wanted to play on and the experience is one I will draw from, for the rest of my life.  Watching my son continue to condition his body, and mind, to function at it's optimal level reminds me of a anonymous quote I read sometime ago, "Some people succeed because they are destined, but MOST because they are DETERMINED!"  That's right son...go out there and fight the good fight...stay determined in all you want for yourself!  I know this teammate can't wait to see what you do with this world!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

So what if I am Mary Hazlett

Today I went to Winco. I love Winco for its amazing produce, variety of bulk food items, great prices, pizza dough, and pizza sauce.  Today though I found grocery shopping to be perplexing.  Why is it that the dairy section is ALWAYS at the back of the store because by the time I reach the back to get my 3 gallons of milk the rest of my cart is already filled with squishable things like bread, tomatoes, and bananas.  Also, why is it that I always get the cart with the squeaky, non working wheel?  And WHY do I get behind the one person that is a super couponer?  Funny how I can get a little aggravated at the grocery store because I don't have room for my 3 gallons of prepared, pasteurized, and packaged milk.  Not like I had to go milk the cow for the 3 gallons and do all the prep work myself.  

It almost never fails those things happen every time I go grocery shopping.  I admit...I used to coupon...a lot!  I hated and loved doing it all at the same time.  I would nearly have an anxiety attack with each coupon trip, because for those of you who don't know, you must get things just right. I would have a hot flash and be sweating profusely by the end of checking out. However, for me, no trip was perfect!  I inevitably would miss something about the sale with the coupons and I would end up spending more than I budgeted for.  Not to mention, I had way to much pride to tell the cashier that I didn't want an item if I got the SECRET COMBINATION wrong.  

I thought that I could get rich off of saving money and stocking up on everything that I needed.  I even had a binder with the baseball card keeper protectors with my coupons organized by type: hygiene, dairy, meat, breakfast, bread...etc.  I found that I was completely addicted to sales...okay, I still am, just a little less crazy about them now...I was going to grocery stores almost daily and making my child suffer the consequences (and I would end up buying him something too).  So, needless to say, I quit super couponing.

I do still clip coupons here and there for the things I need to save a little money so I can buy myself some extra perfume.  But I look back at my days of couponing and I am grateful for the things I was taught.  Here are the great things that I did discover through couponing...make a dinner schedule for the week and shop just one day for those food items, buy a few extra apples for snacks, always buy icecream, and don't go grocery shopping on Saturdays or with your children!  Not to mention that after Mother's day, Fred Meyer's celebrates Founder's Day and has got great deals on flowers and household items (that would be this week) and Albertson's always has a huge sale on chicken the week of the 4th of July. 

So off to Fred Meyer's I go to buy my flowers and save a few what if I am cheap!  I get an extra perfume bottle almost every month!  Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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Monday, May 12, 2014

"FIRSTS" Jim Terry

As I was sitting just thinking the other day, I couldn’t help but to think of all the “FIRSTS” in my life.

The FIRST time I rode my bicycle without the help of training wheels or one of my parents supporting me and running along side me making sure I didn’t fall.  Isn’t that something that a lot of us remember?  I remember the feeling of exhilaration as I sped down
the sidewalk with the cheers and the laughter of my parents as their little boy did it all “by himself.”  It’s a giant step or transformation in childhood where you go from that little boy or little girl that needs help into a “grown up”, at least in the mind of children, which can NOW do everything by themselves and not need help.

My FIRST real kiss from someone other than a family member…it actually was a “double dog dare” from one of my siblings or one of my friends.  The girl's name that was to receive that kiss was Therese.  It wasn’t like one of those “gross”—gross to a child—slobbery kisses you see on the big screen but a quick peck on the lips.  I remember my heart started
pounding faster and faster as I approached this girl.  She had absolutely NO IDEA what was about to transpire...even my palms got sweaty.   As I quickly grabbed her and noticed a bit of shock on her face, that's when I moved in...SMACK!!!  As I turned to run away and did so as quickly as I could after the kiss, I heard the giggles of Therese and her friends as well as the giggles of my siblings that put me up to the “MAIN EVENT” in my life at the time. I didn't care though because that was my next step to becoming a man.  I was five!  ;0) 

My FIRST solo flight!  For those of you that do not know me, it has always been a dream of mine to fly and become a pilot.  Christmas 1995 was one of the best memories I have with my family and the love that a parent can have for a child.  Coming from a large family, there were times that were financially challenging dependent upon the economy and how many homes or building projects Dad had going on.  This year was no different with some of the financial challenges we were having.

My Mom always aware of what her children said or wanted had listened to me for years express my love for flying and knew I was saving money to get my private pilot’s license.  So this particular Christmas I received the last little bit of money I needed from Mom and Dad, even though times were tough, to help me achieve my dream.  Tears of SHOCK and JOY filled my eyes with the opening of my gift that day.  It was only a short 6 months later that I planned my FIRST solo flight on the wedding anniversary of my parents to commemorate the wonderful gift I had received from them. That was June 15th, 1996, at exactly 2:26pm in aircraft "November, one, five, two, Romeo, Charlie"! (There is a unique tail sign given to each aircraft to identify it).

So many "FIRSTS" in all of our lives…As I was thinking about all the "FIRSTS" in my life, I knew that I had just “survived” my FIRST Mother’s Day without my Mom here…to spoil her, to love her and to spend time with her.   It was only a year ago that I was able to, on Mother’s Day, whisk her away in a red convertible up to her favorite sourdough pancake house in the mountains and see her enjoy the sun on her face, the wind in her hair and hear a “whoo hooo” as we sped off out of their cul-de-sac to reach our destination. 

Thinking about this it reminded me of other "FIRSTS" in my life that weren’t necessarily accomplishments but "FIRSTS" of another kind…the FIRST storybook that was read to me by my Mother at “bed time.”  The FIRST “owie” on my arm that needed a Mother’s kiss to make it feel better. My FIRST big fall off of a ladder onto the concrete below at one of my Dad’s construction projects and Mom staying up all night to watch and make sure her little boy didn't have any complications with the concussion and the cracked skull he had sustained. The FIRST “way to go son”, on an all “E” report card in grade school. (“E’s” or Excellent used to be what is now known as an “A” on a report card).  My FIRST steps with my Mom holding my hands so I didn’t fall.  My FIRST costume for Halloween that was sewn by non other than my Mother.  My FIRST heartbreak as a child…my Mother stayed there and cried with me.  My FIRST…  

What are some of your "FIRSTS" with your Mother?

Lastly, I want to end my thoughts today with a very special paragraph/statement that was shared with me by a special friend who knew I would be missing, yet cherishing, celebrating and remembering, my Mother.  The Author is “unknown.”

“Your Mother is always with you. She’s the whisper of the leaves as you walk down the street. She’s the smell of certain foods you remember, flowers you pick, the fragrance of life itself. She’s the cool hand on your brow when you’re not feeling well. She’s your breath in the air on a cold winter’s day. She is the sound of the rain that lulls you to sleep, the colors of a rainbow; she is Christmas morning. Your Mother lives inside your laughter. She’s the place you came from, your first home, and she’s the map you follow with every step you take.  She’s your first love, your first friend, even your first enemy, but nothing on earth can separate you…not time, not space...not even death.”

I hope that ALL of us cherished, remembered or spent some time this past weekend with the wonderful and very important women in ALL of our lives known as MOTHER! If not, make sure it becomes a FIRST very soon.  Each new day can become a FIRST.

Love and miss you Mom...Your "Jimbay"

...Happy Monday!  I say celebrate Moms one more day!