Friday, August 15, 2014 Angie Terry

It gives me honor and great privilege to write about my daughter this day on her birthday. Twenty three years ago on this day the 16th of August I was given the greatest blessing and joy to my life. She came into the world weighing just 6 pounds 2 ounces. The first time I got to see this little bundle of joy my heart was filled with so much love .I thought to myself she is perfect and I could have not ordered a baby to be any more beautiful. I remember the first morning after giving birth to her, I was in the hospital and woke up at 5 am, I did this because for the past few months the little darling baby that was growing inside of me woke me up with incredible hiccups every morning at 5 am.  In those days the baby was not in your room with you, so I could hear my sweet baby coming down the hall with hiccups and crying. The nurses were bringing her to her mom. 

Savahnna was the cutest little girl and she was so beautiful that people would stop me all the time and were in awe of her beauty. I remember a time when Savahnna was a little older and able to talk, an older lady stopped us and was admiring the beautiful little Savahhna and she looked at me and then the lady and she said to me, "Wow, Grandma has big lips!”. This was because the sweet older lady had bright red lip stick on and Savahnna could only focus on those lips. It seems that ever since then Savahnna was never afraid to express what was on her mind. She does have the courage and strength to stand up for what she believes is right and has always been a leader. Her third grade teacher said it best at a parent teacher conference he said, "First of all, I have to say Savahnna is so beautiful and she is so smart and she is a true born leader, but I have noticed that all know how she is feeling or they pay. She is Scarlet O’Hara.” Well said I thought .I do have to take some blame for that one because I encouraged my daughter to let people know how she is feeling, I told her people don’t know and it is your job to let them know.  Savahnna even at 6 years old would order a cheeseburger with no tomato and if it came with a tomato she would not just simply take it off she would say, "Excuse me," to the waitress, "I ordered this with no tomato". I was shocked all the time at the courage she had to take care of things and let people know how she was feeling.

Savahnna also impressed me in the teenage years when girl clicks form and the dynamic of teenagers start. She never liked the girl club thing most of her friends were boys and that is because she couldn’t stand people thinking one is better than the other.   She did get in trouble one year in the lunch room, for standing up and yelling at a group of kids that were making fun of a boy. When she told me this story, my heart swelled with love for my girl because I don’t think many people have that kind of courage. She used to say, "I really don’t like people because they can be so rude".

Savahnna was a great student I never had to keep bugging her about homework she set a great schedule for herself and she would go to bed at a decent time always even in her teen years. 

My sweet darling girl from the moment I held you in my arms my life has never been the same, but it has given me a purpose to live and want to be better. I have made many mistakes and I hope you me for those. I know your heart and I remember the little girl who at Christmas time was so excited to go see family and so much love for them all. I remember the Christmas we couldn’t get back home for a few days because of bad weather but we were with our family in Idaho and you jumping for joy when you realized we got a few more days to spend time with our family. I still remember every day I would go pick you up at daycare and when you would see me you would yell, "MOMMY", and run and jump into my arms and hug me so tight. 

I remember all your talents and the awe I felt went I bought you painting supplies and came home to your first attempt and couldn’t believe the painting of the tree in our front yard that you had done. Or the time we went to the flight museum in Seattle with your entire class at the time to take your art work that was chosen to be displayed there. I watched you perform on a unicycle for your 6th grade class. I remember you asking me if I would ever be in a chess club and I said, "Heck NO!" and you laughed at me and said you had joined one. I loved going to all your ballet, tap, and baton recitals. I remember you preforming at a church function with your baton skills and a little boy was totally falling in love watching you preform your talent. I loved the days of baseball and cheering for you and your team. So much talent and skill. I am in awe of you and admire all that you do. The amazing woman you are. Savahnna has been a great worker, started working at 15 and has never stopped. I could go on and on about her talents. 
I love you Savahnna with all my heart and wish you a very happy birthday . Life is so good with you in it,those you know you will agree and I am so lucky that you call me Mom.