Monday, October 13, 2014

"Thank Heaven...for Little Girls" ... by Gina Waite

Almost seventeen years ago now…my life took a drastic change for the good and I became a Mother!  I was not completely prepared for the life-altering experience Motherhood would be.  Oh, believe me…I read ALL the books that I could on the subject and listened intently to my teachers when lecturing on “how to be a good Mother.”   It was only when I actually became a parent that I fully understood the STUFF it takes!  My immediate reaction after becoming a parent: complete respect for my parents and their efforts in raising me! 

In recognizing how overwhelmed I initially felt in having just one little baby, I was amazed that any two people would agree to having more than one…let alone eight!  Becoming a parent is a crash course in selflessness!  By Divine Intervention parents, in that last trimester, learn to exist on less sleep than they ever thought possible!  …And as much as I felt sleep deprived in my last trimester…NO ONE could have prepared me for the zombie-like state I would enter in, after actually delivering my baby!  

I remember the day I found out I was expecting a second baby!  I had ALWAYS wanted at least four children!  I was so hopeful that I would have at least two girls and two boys…companions of the same gender that each child could commiserate with!  I also hoped they would come sequentially…two boys then two girls!  Imagine my shock and joy when I found out our second was to be a girl…one that would be greatly protected (and was predicted) by her eldest brother! 

Flash forward to today…I was not able to have my four…but of one thing I am completely certain, I am so happy my second child was a little girl!  The joy she has brought to her family is far beyond anything I could comprehend!  A dear friend and cohort to her older brother, a sweet helper and craft enthusiast for her mother, and a willing golf participant for her father…our little Paris has been a joy to have around!  As we remembered together, over this past weekend, the one year anniversary of a fun-filled, Girl’s Only Weekend with my Mom and sisters…I am filled with gratitude!  Gratitude at having been a daughter to a wonderful Mother AND the pure joy of having a daughter of my very own, ”Thank Heaven…for little girls!”

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