Monday, February 23, 2015

"I Am A Solar-Powered Person" Gina Waite

I love the sun! I love the light it provides and the warmth from its rays! It’s about this time EVERY year that I long to bask in the sun’s beams as I wait in my car to pick up my children, or lye on my bed with my face in the early morning rays as it shines in through the windows. I am happier, more energetic and filled with a solution-oriented attitude when I’m able to get in my much needed absorption of Vitamin D from the sun….it’s taken me years of understanding but have recently come to the realization that I am a Solar-powered person.

It’s a lovely thing to be solar-powered person…when the sun is out you’ve got the world by the tail…but it doesn’t come without it disadvantages. For example, not every day is sunny! I remember when I first discovered I was so sun-dependent. Sitting on my couch in the middle of the humdrums of winter and very low in spirits, my first born ran into the room and started dancing around happily. When I asked him why he was so happy, he responded, “I just decided I was going to be happy and I did it!” Eureka!!! What a concept!!!! My son taught me then and there that void of any sun…I could make a personal decision to be happy AND I saw the light!

Terri Guillemets said, “Sometimes just looking up and seeing the light is enough,” and I’m so glad my little boy taught me that very concept on that day! So here’s to all the solar-powered people out there…when those skies are gray for several days and your solar power battery is running on low…Remind yourselves that until the sun returns…you MUST make a decision to be happy! Look for the good in others, serve others with a willing heart and try to ALWAYS be kind…these efforts in my decision to be happy sustain me while I wait for the sun to come back out…as I have come to realize, I am a solar-powered person!

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