Tuesday, October 6, 2015

"Yo Mama...WE DID IT!"...by Gina Waite

I’ve come to realize that life is what you make it! Taking what you’re given and doing the absolute BEST with what you’ve got, is a decided direction and talent I hope I’m headed toward, and currently cultivating! It’s the “Rocky Balboa” we must find in all of us that decides that in spite of ALL the obstacles…we’re going to succeed and finish! Cuz’ EVERYONE deserves their “Yo…Adrian” moment of loved-ones’ recognition…that’s the BEST part!!!

For nearly two years, my siblings and I have tried our BEST to keep “In A Nutshell,” moving forward. After the sudden loss of our Mother, we scrambled together to try to keep it going EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY! This proved to be a reflective and appreciative moment for the accomplished writer my Mother was…but, after about six months, we decided to scale back and accomplish an attainable goal of a once-a-week post.

We’ve accomplished that for over a year now and have come to another phase in our appreciation of our Mother…she could reflect and write a clever problem and anecdote for just about ANYTHING that happened to her. Through written word, my Mom was able to work through solutions and recognize the hilarious process that life is…time and time again, she pointed out life was what she made it! We've been writing...and have worked through a solution for the long-term efforts of "In A Nutshell."

It’s with great happiness that we, as a family, move to the next step in our anecdotal decision. A consistent once-a-month facebook and blog post. We may, from time-to-time, recognize certain momentous occasions in addition to the once-a-month posting…but graduating to this step in honoring our Mother’s legacy is a lovely, and sustainable, goal. We recognize ALL the family and friends who’ve supported and contributed so well to “In A Nutshell,” AND hope you’ll continue to offer us support. For me, my brother Jim Terry, my sister Mary ( Ben Hazlett), our guest writer-sister, Angie Terry and our wonderfully talented photographer-brother, Mike Terry….writing/posting has been an expression for the joy we find in life, our family and friends and most decidedly…our Mother…(“Yo Mama…we DID it!)

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