Monday, September 29, 2014

Square Ice Cream and Huge Slides 2.0... by Ben Hazlett

My little 2 year old has lately been enjoying her significantly increased communication abilities and after accomplishing even something as simple as putting 1 shoe on the wrong foot, she will announce loudly "I did it!"   Well, WE DID IT! We survived another family vacation/family reunion!  And I must say that it was a very fun and memorable one. 

My son, Benson, just about wore a hole in the slide for as many times as he went down it.  Between that, the bowling, and the four wheeler rides, Benson could have stayed for another 2 weeks... and he tried, believe me he did!

Reunions are funny things aren't they?  When I was little I used to love all the cousins my age to play basketball with.  This time around I just loved seeing all of Gina's food!  Probably, would be better for my health to go back to the basketball and focus less on the food... I'll consider that.  Speaking of which, we did get some square ice cream.  Mine was just as amazing as I remember it.  Mary's was freezer burned... so we stopped at our favorite place in Pocatello, Tasty Treat on the way home to make up for it.  

Over all it was a great trip.  Beautiful scenery, perfect whether, and lots of loving family.  Couldn't have asked for more... well we could have asked for a few more days for sliding and square ice cream.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's about 80 of them incase you want to see a bit more of how our little get-together was.

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