Monday, September 15, 2014

Square Ice Cream and Huge Ben Hazlett

Just to put this in context, I'm writing this on Friday to post on Monday.

Today (Friday) started out like all great family vacations... slowly and with kids wavering between excited anticipation and crying about not being able to take every toy in existence with them.  We were heading to West Piney near Swan Valley Idaho.  This awesome lodge is nestled in the pine trees only a few miles from the glistening waters of Palisades Reservoir.  At the base of the road is a great little store that sells square ice cream... a family favorite.  Sounds like a brochure huh?

Well it's better than that.  So we planned to leave by 7am... a little ambitions I know but if you saw the huge slide, outdoor bowling lane, baseball field, beautiful forest and tasted the ice cream you would risk it too.  Alas 11am has rolled around and we are still packing... maybe we'll get there someday... maybe if I stop blogging it would help too.

So here is a video about the store and some pictures from the last time we went.  If we ever make it there, I will post a follow up.  As my son just hit me in the head with a Nerf dart that he has now scattered all over the house, a stay-cation and round ice-cream and little boring slides is sounding better and better.

Rainy Creek Country Store

3 years ago with Nana and the Terry's