Monday, December 1, 2014

Things Happen In "3's" Jim Terry

Have you ever noticed how things—good or bad—seem to happen in “3’s”? And as sure as life would have it…the experiences I’m going to share with you happened in “3.”   

About two weeks ago was the year anniversary of my Mother’s passing.  And just prior to that time I was having a hard time believing that I was approaching a year of not being able to speak with her, go to a movie with her, or hold her near me in a warm and loving embrace of a hug.  I had said many prayers for strength and support to get me through this time and wanted somehow, in my mind, to freeze time.  I thought, maybe just maybe, it wouldn’t make my heart feel the pain of her loss so much if I could say it was still less than a year ago that I lost her.  And then I realized, that what might be the true underlying reason for my thought process and anxiety is simply facing my fear.  Which is...I feel like the longer I go without her here, that my memories of her may fade or even disappear with time.  So in this moment of contemplation in trying to figure out how I could freeze time, I had some experiences recently that I will never forget.

At one point or another in one’s lifetime, everyone will wake up in the middle of the night for one reason or another.  One of the FIRST things I always do when this happens is to check what time it is…don’t you?  I personally do this so I know how much more time I have before I need to get up and go to work, or how much more time I have to sleep in, if on a weekend.  

The first night, in this sequence of three I am going to tell you about, I glanced over at the clock and noticed it was 3:33 am.  Thinking nothing of it, I went back to sleep and woke up about three hours later in order to get ready go to work.  On that same day, I had one of my favorite patients come in for her dental appointment.  She remembered that it had been almost a year since my Mother’s passing and with her thoughtfulness and kindness, reached over and gave me a big hug, handed me some of her homemade Irish soda bread and then said, “I’m sure your Mother is near you during this difficult time.” 

 The next night as I woke up and again glanced over at the clock, “3:33 am” was once again displayed. I remember thinking at that moment how weird it was that I would wake up again at exactly the same time.   I mean it’s not often that I would wake up at this time…actually I can’t say as I have ever been awakened at 3:33 am.

Later this same day, I received a phone call mid morning. It was from a dear friend I have not heard from in almost a year’s time.  He was calling to let me know he would be thinking of my family and me during this difficult time that was rapidly approaching.  As the conversation continued, I told him about my “weird” experiences of waking up now two nights in a row at exactly 3:33 am.  He immediately said, “you know your Mom is near, don’t you?”  With I’m sure what was a confused look on my face, and because I had not told him yet about the hard time I was having accepting the fact that it had almost been a year since Mom’s passing, I proceeded to ask him what he was referring to?  He explained to me that numbers like “333” and “444” are known as “angel numbers” and allows the person experiencing these numbers in their lives to know that angels are near for comfort and support. 

After our conversation had ended and with my friend’s recommendation, I then Googled—mortal man’s way of receiving answers J— “333.”  The first thing that came up when I hit the return key was “Angel number 333.”  Intrigued and a bit captivated at this point, I clicked on the link and began to read. If you scroll halfway down the page, you will find this short but meaningful paragraph…

When Angel Number 333 appears consistently it implies that the Ascended Masters”…(Angels)...“are near you.  They have responded to your prayers and wish to help and assist you in your endeavors…they will give you guidance along your path…call upon the angels…to assist.  They are waiting for your call.”

I thought long and hard that day about the conversation I had with my friend, what I had read on the Internet and the recent awakenings I had experienced at 3:33 am.  As I went to bed later this same day, I finally came to the conclusion that all of this was happening to me for a reason. So before I began to nod off, I called “upon the angels to assist” me once again and I said another short but sweet prayer in my heart and in my mind.  I asked God to allow me to know for sure that my Mother was near me so that I could handle this dreaded year mark and another holiday season that was swiftly approaching without her here…I can humbly say that, “my prayer was answered.”

As I drifted off to sleep on this third and final night, I could feel a certain amount of calmness and peace I had not experienced but maybe once or twice before in my life.  It was very similar to the peace you feel as a child on
Christmas night after a fun filled day of joy and cheer while opening presents and then finally falling to sleep, while embracing that favorite toy you received from Santa, in total happiness knowing that you were not naughty but nice. And that joy and peace, I am speaking of, was not only enhanced that night for me, but was also intensified when I was once again awakened, rolled over in my bed, opened my eyes, and glanced over at the clock for the third night in a row and saw “3:33 am” on the display…my “angel number’…my Mom was indeed near!

So in this magical season of angels and miracles, I hope that your holiday season is filled with fun, family and friends…with generosity, gratefulness and guidance…with harmony, hope and happiness…or anything that just so happens to be good and "Happens In “3’s”!   

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*Thank you so much to the readers once again for another great year and for your support. 

**Just a quick mention of something else that is great and comes in “3”. All designed and made from a “Simple mom” just in time for the holidays…I have mine placed by my tree and it simply looks wonderful.