Monday, March 30, 2015

"An Eggs-Cellent Choice" Gina Waite

Do you see that look of excitement on my kids’ faces? I must admit…this picture was taken a few years ago, but their eagerness for the return of warm weather AND egg-dying antics is almost detectable in the air, even now! The Waite's Welcome Spring…and all the fun activities involving eggs! Which brings me to a most valuable question; how does one cook to perfection the perfect hard-boiled egg? Prepare yourself…you’re entering the Great Egg Debate!

When I was growing up, my Mom taught me this Better Homes and Gardens the boiling water, hard-boiled egg method. It ALWAYS worked fantastically for me, with several irritating drawbacks: The (1) bring eggs to a boil for 5 minutes, (2) cover for fifteen minutes, (3) pour off hot water and drench eggs in ice water (to avoid the greenish ring around the yoke) have ALWAYS seemed way too fussy for this A.D.H.D gal!

Unfortunately, for the past several years, the boiling water method was the ONLY technique I knew…so I thought I was stuck with it!!! ......ENTER Pinterest! An interesting blog's pinned recipe and recommendation for baking eggs appeared on my Pinterest home thread last Spring. The post instructed me to BAKE my eggs in a muffin pan at approximately 325° Fahrenheit for 30 minutes until a desired hard-boiled state was reached. Then dump them all into ice-water.

Hmmmmmmm…....when I read with delight the “no fuss-no muss” time-saving tips, I decided that even though my Mom’s method was tried and true, I would bake some eggs just to see if the hype was alright! Did it work…you may be wondering? Well, my friends, I can gladly put an end to the Great Egg Debate: both method’s of cooking “hard-boiled-inspired” eggs turned out absolutely perfect. But if you’d like a little less fuss and muss, try baking them this year…it’s an EGGS-CELLENT choice!!!
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