Monday, March 16, 2015

Wishes And A Four-Leaf Jim Terry

Here we are on the verge of another spring.  I know that some of my friends and those of you who read our blog may disagree with me, especially the ones who were being plagued by old man winter on the east coast, but it really is just right around the corner.  March, for me at least, brings a lot of optimism.  It is a month where most of us spring forward, witness the luck of the Irish, when the spring equinox occurs and is my and my sister’s birthday.  We also ALL notice the warm breath of Mother Spring slowly melt away old Man Winter’s grasp with cool stuff like four-leaf clovers, tree leaf buds, the hint of green grass and every once in a while, I have even experienced a tulip emerge from a snow drift.  Don’t we all "wish" for an early spring?

Part of my excitement for March, especially as a young boy, also came from what we knew in Idaho as “kite month.”  Several of the stores would advertise for the arrival of all the newest and best kites. Ever since I was a child, I was always fascinated with flight and I guess this is part of the reason why March holds dear to my heart.  “Kite month” meant I was not only able to buy a kite but I was also able to FLY a kite.  So as most kids tend to do, I would try to save up my hard earned allowance and even ask for extra jobs around the house each year in order to earn enough money to get a kite.  We would generally coordinate this kite buying process with my birthday, which is the very last day of the month.  You have no idea how long that month was for me when I was a young boy.

“Kings” was the local hardware store in the town and had the best kite least I thought they did as a young boy.  I also remember thinking that it was weird the toys were always located in the basement.  Don’t they know, that in a kid’s world, they should be right inside the front door?  So with my Mom holding my hand as we descended the stairs and that very familiar scent of that store filling my lungs, I will never forget how patient and kind she was each and every year while I tried to pick out “the kite”.  You know the one? The one that was impeccable, cool and unflawed so it would be suitable for my needs...Finally, with lots of convincing and suggestions from my Mom, I would end up with the “perfect kite” each year. 

Upon remembering and pondering about some of these fun things I had experienced in my life, I was also then reminded of a method my Mom would use to keep me detained and busy for hours during the month of March. The reason why she would have to keep me busy is because if she did not, she would then be assaulted with the daily question of, “when are we going to the store to buy my kite?" 

As most of us know, a four-leaf clover is pretty hard to find.  So in her cunning ingenuity as a mother she would say, “If you can find and bring me a four-leaf clover, I will take you to Kings and we can get your kite early." I cannot tell you the amount of hours I spent trying to find the elusive four-leaf clover. If memory serves me correctly, I think I may have found one four-leaf clover in all of those years of searching.  

Just the other day, I found myself in a field of gold while hiking along the coast.  It easily stretched for over a half of a mile.  Upon closer inspection of this field of gold, I noticed that this vibrant effect was produced by non other than a yellow flower.  If you parted the upper canopy of yellow with your hand by simply pushing the flowers to the side, one would then witness the plant that used to torment me as a young boy…clover. 

As I stood there and experienced the warmth of the sun hitting my face, the faint smell of the sea being carried by a gentle breeze, and listened to the distant crash of the waves along the sandy beach, I couldn’t help but to take a trip back in time and become that happy-go-lucky boy again...the boy that had such elation and enthusiasm for such a simple thing as a kite...the boy that had an amazing Mother who was always excited to go to the store with him and finally that boy that peeked and glanced under the canopy of gold, even in his forties, in order to find that elusive four-leaf clover. 

And even though my efforts proved to be successful, for the second time in my lifetime by finding a four-leaf clover, I left it nature. ...undisturbed ...unblemished ....perfect ...for possibly another young boy or girl to stumble upon, run home to their Mom and say, "Look what I found" and allow them to dream...hope...and WISH! 

Happy Spring and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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