Monday, June 8, 2015

"All that's Gold Does NOT Glitter...but it can sure make it easier to find it under the mud" Gina Waite

The Faith of a child is a beautiful thing! To be able to witness that faith…well you’ve just found a little piece of Heaven on Earth. I remember when my daughter was three-years-old. She loved nothing more than to stand on a step close to the top of our home’s full flight of stairs…wait for her Uncle Mike to arrive and position himself at the bottom, and then would freely, and uninhibitedly, jump into the air in a swan-dive- type pose…only to be caught by her Uncle just before hitting the ground. As I watched with trepidation, I realized that with each and every jump my daughter would take, it was EQUALLY as important for her Uncle to believe in her ability to launch herself appropriately into his arms. It was as essential to her faith in knowing she would be caught that my brother exemplified complete determination and dedication to being there as a support to catch her before she hit the ground. This example of complete faith and unwavering determination reminds me of a recent experience between a certain nephew and his precious ring!

Andrew, nephew extraordinaire and willing enthusiast of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of The Rings” and “The Hobbit,” novels, worked very hard to earn enough money to buy himself a very convincing replica of the famed books’ ring. After playing outside and single-handedly trying to recreate Peter Jackson’s cinematography magic when the golden ring rotates perfectly, and mesmerizingly slowly, through the air…Andrew disappointedly expressed his sadness at his inability to catch the “precious." As the ring was then lost in a half-acre worth of thick, Kentucky Bluegrass, hope seemed futile as it was very possible he would never recover it…but a pleading prayer and innocent faith would inspire all who loved him to help search for the ring.

Hour after hour his family searched until one day, and the fine pin-pointed accuracy of a dear friend’s metal detector (thank you Lamoyne and J Ann), the general location of the ring’s whereabouts was identified and it's muddy grave, exposed. I watched as my brother Richard, a very loving father, remind our Andrew that through his example of faith and prayerful supplication…it inspired unwavering dedication and the process by which the ring was finally recovered. Presentation of “The ONE Ring” then ensued and the pay-off for all the time and recovery efforts was truly in watching our Andrew’s face light up as the ring was then restored to it’s rightful owner! As I said before, to witness the faith of a child is to experience a little piece of Heaven…and to quote from Shakespeare, “All that’s gold does NOT glitter,” but it can sure help you find it under the mud!