Monday, January 18, 2016

"No Two Alike" Gina Waite

Have you ever taken the time to marvel at a snowflake? On days, colder than I would like but the perfect environment for snow crystals, I love to take the time to really observe the intricate art found within each flake. Literally a piece of cloud droplet that froze in a unique design and made it through the Earth’s atmosphere to gently land and WOW onlookers nearby…it’s absolutely incredible! Even more amazing to me is that no two, are alike. If you want to spend an hour (in my case several hours) or so looking at incredibly unique works of art…Google, “photographs of snowflakes.” Truly a very fun, albeit time-absorbing, activity that will have you recognizing Mother Earth, and her environment, for the truly creative Pandora’s Box that she is! Snowflakes…truly individual and uniquely shaped…created from a similar beginning and changed through the environment they’re exposed to. Kind of reminds of me of…well…people!

Have you ever noticed how children in a family can come from the same, two people and yet each individual child can have such unique personality characteristics?

Take for example my sister Angie: the eldest child, by far the most fun-loving and free-spirited of the bunch, loves to encourage fun and togetherness…usually through her ritualistic card-playing and subsequent VICTORY over us ALL!

Then there’s Lor: one removed from the eldest, and GREATEST cheerleader of us ALL! Her passion to support OUR passions…is unequaled and unquestioned…because to question would be to doubt her…and that’s just not gonna be happening!

Jim has never been a typical middle-child: characteristically more like the eldest, his greatest desire is to make certain everyone is taken care of! Jim goes to great lengths, and distances, to make sure this is taken care of in a timely manner…he’s so driven this way. Speaking of driving…stay out of his way!

Then there’s Gina: fits the perfect middle-child syndrome. Wants to be more like, and fit in, with the older siblings, takes care of…but a little bit envious…of the younger siblings and really just wants to be noticed and heard. Often times that’s why middle-children take to writing…

Mike: the other middle-child…didn’t struggle with wanting to be like the older siblings and without any guile to be envious of the younger siblings. Mike did have to suffer through being forgotten! Literally…MORE THAN ONCE…his calming demeanor and gentle spirit (without any drama of the aforementioned middle-child) seemed so effortless to be around, that siblings and parents alike left without noticing his absence.

Ryan: twin and comedian! An EXCELLENT listener…methodical in his contributions, easy to talk to and INCREDIBLY BRILLIANT! The only drawback here is the timely, and well-thought-through, one-liners!

Richard: the gentle-hearted! Kind and patient…loving and empathetic…this twin is one-of-a-kind.
Baby Mary: Entertainer extraordinaire, fabulously fun and comfortably confident. She can tell everyone where to go and how to get there without any hesitation…and we ALL listen!

January…my birth month and season for stunning snowflakes…cause me to reflect on so many things: the beautiful blessings that Mothers’, provide. Mother Earth has gifted me beautiful snowflakes that collectively water the soil and bring forth beautiful flowers and time in my garden…which I ABSOLUTELY ADORE!!!! My own Mother provided me the BEST friends and collective support I could EVER ask for! Of snowflakes and people, this I know with a surety, “No two alike” and thank Heavens for that!

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