Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Finding the Feel Good"...by Gina Waite

I ALWAYS admired the fact that my Mom’s, “In A Nutshell” was a feel good column…little excerpts of the goodness and light in people and situations. I started the loveliest, feel good little story that was prompted by the interaction of two, sweet young girls! I hope to finish that story soon but after losing two of my own friends in the last five days, my feel good story would have ended up feeling A LOT less hopeful and A LOT less feel good! Here’s what my thoughts, and ideas, have turned to…

Life can be a difficult…it’s interlaced with hardship and trial with only intermittent bursts of joy! I realize that happiness is a choice and a concerted daily effort…one that requires finding the good in the sad or bad. I can do this, I know I can do this…but not without the help of giving of myself, to other people. Finding ways to do good things for others is a welcomed escape from the pain and anguish that life besets all of us.

My friends, the ones who recently graduated from the education of this life experience, influenced my life in ways I couldn’t possibly have progressed to, without their involvement. In helping to serve them and their ailing bodies, they ended up serving me! I learned to appreciate things like the ability to walk, and talk! It doesn’t take long, in the service of your fellow beings, to recognize the good and blessings in your own life. So I’ve made it to the final “feel good” of my Mom’s feel good, column. No matter your understanding of life and the hereafter, Albert Pine understood that “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others, and the World, remains and is immortal!” Thank you for what you did for me, Cori and Dee…love you!!!

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