Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's the crew ...

Marlene Terry
I've seen it multiple times and before I'm through I'll have a lot of the lines memorized and be walking on cloud nine at "warp speed."

Absolutely LOVE LOVE the new Star Trek movie(s) and its ability to offer the viewer "time travel" so to speak!

It's a no brainer that someone like me would be critical. I do after all, drive around with a Star Trek symbol on the back window of my car. I've also been a "Trekkie" since the original TV series aired one day after my birthday in 1966.

Back then, space really WAS the final frontier. We hadn't been to the moon yet. And the new civilizations that Captain James T. Kirk (those of us who knew him well just called him Jim), Spock, Sulu, Dr. McCoy — better known as "Bones," Scotty, Chekov and the only girl on the team, Uhura, boldly took us to where dreams came true.

We happily cruised along on the star ship Enterprise for three seasons, through encounters with Romulins, Vulcans and those nasty Klingons, we all loved to hate. And we blushed at Jim's romantic escapades with female species in every galaxy — all who strangely had morphed into the '60s earthling go-go style, with big hair, Cleopatra makeup, mini skirts and boots.

We learned to love Spock's logic and the way he took care of his enemies with the Vulcan nerve grip that rendered even the most menacing monster helpless. And we all practiced until we mastered the finger contortion required to be able to say with sincerity, "Live long and prosper."

Scotty was seemingly the worst engineer in the federation, and could never guarantee that the Enterprise would hold up at any speed —especially warp. And Sulu and Chekov drove us through deep space  from one adventure to another, always warning the crew whenever there was a cloaked ship hiding in the nebula ahead.

Dr. McCoy ("Bones")  spent hardly any time at all in sickbay, and hung out on the bridge where he razzed Spock about his "green blood" and cursed!
I really do think it was a requirement that "Damnit Jim," was uttered by Bones at least four times during each episode. ... And when it was, it was respected and revered by fans.

Communications officer, Uhura, with her poky-outy ear pod, kept the crew in touch with everyone and anything, and made the bridge sensitive, stylish and sexy.
My point IS ... despite the great stories, the success of Star Trek has always been the crew and their relationship with one another and of course ... us. 
And even though they say "you can't go home again," that's exactly where the new crew of the Enterprise takes us. Back when we were all young, excited about the future and more than enthusiastic, in spite of the dangers and the unknown, to explore what was ahead for us. 

... And all I can say to that is ... Beam me up Scotty!

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