Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Special days ...

Marlene Terry
I realize it's almost here, the Fourth of July holiday. And that means time is short.
Short if you've already planned a party, the invitations have gone out, and you're in charge of the whole shebang!
Seems stressful at the very least, that one would, at this point, suddenly start wondering how to make the day especially festive.

For me the answer would be simple. I'd just forget all the fluff and circumstance, hang The Flag, purchase a few more bags of chips and some extra pop and call it good.

Not the same for some people. Take my daughter for instance.

A few years ago we made an impromptu trip (no one knew we were coming) on that holiday over to be with the family in eastern Idaho, where she lives. She'd finished up more than one lengthy community project that week (she's a perpetual volunteer) and with enthusiasm and energy to pull of another "big" activity on the wane, we (she and I) decided to keep the Independence Day fun, simple.
... After all, we agreed, anything we came up with wouldn't hold a candle to the fabulous and enormous fireworks display put on at night there from the banks of the Snake River.

"We'll just have a 'little lunch' in the afternoon and then go over to the river early so we can get a good seat," I think she said.

Sounded good to me and we prepared for a fun relaxing day, laced with the happiness that being with family at special times like that always brings.

... And that "little lunch?"

Besides an individual, custom made flag centerpiece for each guest, it included barbecued chicken AND pork, a potato salad to die for, homemade rolls, a  red, white and blue flag cake decorated with raspberry and whipped cream stripes, a field of blue (berries) and some "It's no big deal, just the packaged mix," she said, brownies. ... And we all stood gawking in disbelief at the perfect powdered sugar stars placed exactly in the middle of each one. 
... A very special day with the girl who always makes them that way!

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