Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Monster Truck ...

Marlene Terry
Had a sweet reminder recently of how it is to live in a child's world. And my hat's off to them and to their wonderful moms as well. ... Those who take their kids into their lives and hearts and incorporate each one (or all at once) into the routine of every day life, trying very hard to make each experience happy AND normal.

I remember well the shopping trips I took with my children in tow. As they grew older those times became easier and more pleasant for all of us. But when they were small? ... Suffice it to say my annual jaunt through the neighborhood to apologize for what some of them MIGHT do that year, says volumes about what free spirits they were. ... "Out of control" was another description.

I never understood back then why they couldn't be content walking along side of me or riding in a shopping cart looking at all there was to see. That is I never understood, until the day I fell off my shoes ... being a clutz, something I still do from time to time ... landed on my backside mid-aisle in a department store, and took the time to recoup. It was then I noticed what someone about three feet tall would see. And it's not a pretty picture.

First of all there are the counters. The tops where adults do business are most generally wiped off and at least semi clean. From the floor on up it's an entirely different story.
You'll see gum of every color and texture stuck every few inches underneath the ridge of the counter top, streaks from every kind of liquid refreshment you can imagine, that have been left to run down the front and sides in meandering rivulets, and other unidentifiable wads and gobs of stuff I really don't want to talk about.

Of course floors are always a disaster too, being home to at least a gazillion scuff marks of varying lengths. But there are also those dusty, linty corners, bugs — dead and alive, muddy, oily footprints and the gum that fell off the counter tops and has been trampled into flat gooey circles by hundreds of passersby.

The other thing I noticed was how huge everything looks from down there. ... Ever look up at the bulging belly and multiple chins lady, ... I swear this really happened ... who sees you on the floor, ignores your plight and leans over you anyway, in order to get to the candy display? ... The sight is ENORMOUS. ... And the shoes of those giants walking by? Size 35, minimum!

... It's true. The world is not only dirty at three feet it's also REALLY BIG!

Probably why there was no hesitation at all when my darling little 3-year-old grandson happened into our garage recently and came face to face with his Pop-Pop's brand new, medium size four-wheeler.
Running into the kitchen wide-eyed and out of breath to tell me about his discovery he shouted at the top of his voice:
"NANA! Pop-Pop's got a MONSTER TRUCK!"

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