Monday, July 29, 2013

"Pot of Gold" ...

Marlene Terry
Wanted to get this week started out right. ... It is after all Monday, and for me the the bluest day of the week.

Don't know what it is about that day. I wake up about the same time and have about the same responsibilities as every other day. But for whatever the reason I'm more beset by the Fairy of Doom, Discouragement and Depression on Monday than any other day.

It's when I have to face reality again and I notice most, that I and my hubby are getting older. My kids have all left home and don't need me near as much as they used to. The pounds I wanted to shed this year are still intact. The laundry is unusually large and undone, and a dozen or more other little petty things that decrease my resolve to be happy and most important, grateful.

Sure is easy to lose sight of the blessings in our lives what with our fast-paced schedules and how temporary everything in the world seems to be. ... So with that in mind I want to mention some 'bright spots' of the past week that I honestly didn't notice and failed to give thanks for. If I'd done that, I wouldn't be sitting here pitying myself and wondering why my life isn't better.

1.  Some dear friends we haven't seen for months are taking the time during their vacation to come out and see their family to stop by and see us too.

2.  Our utility company informed me that I'd overpaid our bill and we have a credit for next month's charges.

3.  My little 3-year-old grandson called me on the phone and ended the conversation with "Nana you're the bomb!" ... And I'm pretty sure that's a good thing.

4.  A kind young man who reads my column and knows that I LOVE Star Trek, brought his collector's edition of the animated series to me to borrow and enjoy.

5.  A bouquet of dandelions was left on my front doorstep on Friday. The attached note said. "You're nice."

6.  I landed the part time job I applied for ... and it's fun.

7.  A sweet granddaughter who lives on her own and works TWO jobs made the Dean's list.

8.  Opportunities are coming from everywhere to provide work for my hubby, and he hasn't even had to advertise.

9.  I talked to and laughed with every one of my kids face to face or on the phone.

10.  A wonderful neighbor watched as a rainbow formed and looked to be touching down in our backyard. He snapped the photo and made the effort to share it with us.

... And now I'm more convinced than ever. That "pot of gold" everyone talks about at its end? ... It's REALLY there!

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