Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pining ...

Marlene Terry

Last winter when we were suffering in the below zero cold, the city water main was frozen solid and we ... and everyone else in our cul-de-sac, were without water, I made a prediction.
"I bet by the end of July we'll all be pining for winter," I said.

The look on my hubby's face was memorable. He'd just come in from trying to release the bottom of the garage door from its icy "stuck" position on the pavement, and for him the thought of wishing for similar conditions was absolutely not in the realm of possibility.

"RIGHT," he retorted grinning as he removed multiple layers of sweaters, coats and scarves! "We're all going to miss this and hope it happens again!"

OK. I admit it was miserable then. But now, after more than a dozen days that have registered temperatures of 100 degrees and above (110 one of those days), the thought of having to wear a coat and gloves to be comfortable out of doors, coming in from the cold and feeling the warmth of the home inside complete with the smell of baking bread, a crackling fireplace, and the sight of new fallen snow sparkling in the sunshine or moonlight, seems pretty nice.

A misty morning in July
I'm sure that's why the recent morning that ended up much cooler than predicted as well as cloudy and MISTY of-all-things, had me excited and remembering.
I opened up the windows and let in the breeze that felt fresh and wonderful. Even put on some Christmas music ... which I know will appall some but it really did happen. 
And although it was just a few hours break before the temperatures soared high once more, for that brief time I closed my eyes and reveled in thoughts of autumn's change of color, how burning leaves smell in the fall, the taste of hot chocolate, the fun of snowball fights and making snow angels with the grandkids and the happiness of the upcoming holidays.

... As I said ... pining!

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