Friday, July 18, 2014

Camping Mary Hazlett

Summer is the time to go to the hills and feel the cold crisp air, see the beautiful stars, and smell like bug spray.  I have done a little camping in my day.  I cannot say that I am ready to live on nature though.  I like my conveniences.  

Many a year ago now, I was telling my husband that I would like to go on vacation.  He pipes up, "Let's go camping".  Sure I thought in my head this will be great and fun.  Just like the good ole' days of running around the camp, getting dirty and going swimming.  Fun....right?

Little did I understand all the work that went into camping:  food preparation, sleeping accommodations ( a roof and what we were going to sleep in), toilet paper, equipment for food preparation, clothes, sunscreen, coolers, water, (and heaven forbid that I might be having one of those awesome female cycles that brings its own beauty to camping), bug spray, bug spray, and bug spray.  

So after about a week preparation to go camping, we left...for Lake Alturas.  The ride was fun with no radio in the truck that we borrowed, so we sang together (okay, I sang)  and we got in the middle of a horse parade (not sure how that happened).  Nevertheless, we arrived late at our destination and found a wonderful spot to camp and finally get some sleep (after all, it is a vacation).

The next morning, it was time to apply the bug spray.  Ben always gauges how abundant the mosquitoes are by how many bites I get.  Them dang bugs are attracted to me...anywhere from a five mile radius....So, it is DEET for me.  The ironic thing of this trip was that it was not the was the dang horse flies.  OUCH!  Have you ever been bitten by those buggers.  YIKES it hurts.  

Here I am thinking really this is a vacation?  I hated to cook.  So, it did not take me very long to realize that I REALLY hated cooking outdoors.  Sure the food was good, but the preparation, the cooking, the cleanup, and the storage of the food is about 9000 times harder than it is at home. 

Returning home from that trip I was eager to have running water, a shower, a toilet that flushed, a restaurant,  and a movie (with no bugs)!  We cleaned up all the mess of camping, which also takes another three weeks,  got clean ourselves and I vowed NEVER to go camping again!!!

So, as you might remember from previous blogs, I was called to serve with the Young Women's as camp director.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Funny thing is.... I LOVED THE WHOLE THING!!  Even the sleepless nights and bugs.  With this great success in camping... my family is planning a get away weekend of camping, bugs, dirt, and flushless toilets.  Just goes to show you that you might not want to give up something with a bad experience or two, it just might be the REST you need!!!

Favorite quote: "A truly Happy person, finds beauty even along the detour"!

Have a wonderful Friday!!!

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