Monday, July 28, 2014

Can't imagine life without Gina Waite and Mary Hazlett

I really don't remember my life without Mike!  I do wish  I could remember something about the day Mom and Dad brought him home from the hospital ... but as an eighteen-month-old toddler, I was probably more concerned about putting something in my mouth and drooling all over it!  What I do know, is that I can't imagine my life without him!  Mike's an amazing brother, friend and uncle!  I'd like to address the amazing brother and friend!  Mary will do us the honor of relating Mike's amazing uncle-ing skills!  

Sometimes brothers get a bad wrap!  Often they are stereotypified as teasers and taunters to their siblings...most especially their sisters!  Instead, Mike harnessed his brother-ing energy into things like: 
*making sure he opened the door for me as I'd get in and out of the car OR run ahead of me so he could open the door before I got to a building, 
*writing notes and posting them on my bedroom door to "wake him up after I'd got home from a date so we could talk," 
*exercising his amazing musical skills by becoming D.J. extraordinaire on vacations or long drives (cannot tell you how many artists I've come to love because of Mike) and last but certainly NOT least,
*my most loyal, Friday, movie-watching buddy!  I almost ALWAYS fell asleep first...but he was always ready to watch another movie with me the following Friday!  Mike eventually initiated an activity called the "afghan-dance" as a way to prevent me from falling asleep before the end of a movie.  The afghan dance was an extremely entertaining dance that would be performed with the afghan blanket my Grandmother crocheted!  Unfortunately, I still fell asleep during every Friday movie night!

As my brother and friend, Mike has always been there for me!   Someone who may not necessarily agree with all my shenanigans BUT will always have my back!  I wish I could say I was a model child and that I always made the correct choices ... but I don't ... and therefore have always appreciated the advocate I have in Mike!   Always there for me ... doing his best to make me feel recognized, loved and understood!  A quality I feel is invaluable and touches me to my very soul!  Like I said before, Mike is an amazing brother and friend!  Now Mary will tell you about his skills at being the World's BEST Uncle!

UNCLE MIKE... the kid Magnet!  It is true...if you are a kid under the age of 99 then you will love Mike.  The reasons Uncle Mike is soo cool are as follows:
 *He adores all little creatures, so in return they all adore him back.
 *He is creative in story telling, teaching, and in food... he once              named chicken nuggets "Yoda Chunks"... and how could any kid resist the temptation of something from Star Wars?
 *He is as patient as Job.  Once I watched him sit in a chair with a sleeping baby for nearly 3 arm is numb.
 *He laughs at nearly everything that those little nieces and nephews do.
 *He can out do anyone in a cartwheel contest!!  Yes...16 in a row.
 *He compliments them and supports their activities.
 *He is their number one photographer.
 *He loves them NO MATTER WHAT... funny story here:  I remember in my young twenties going to a movie with Mike, Jordan, Gina and her new baby Paris.  Gina had just fed Paris and Mike wanted to hold her...and what do babies do after being fed?? They burp and spit up and that Paris did... all over Mike!  I remember saying something immature like, "How do you like having breast milk all over your clothes...HA, HA?"  It did not even seem to bother Mike as he continued to hold her, "I have never thought of it that way."

And with that Uncle Mike you are loved so very much by all those who are around you !!!  Happy Birthday Big Brother!!!!  Know how proud we ALL are to call you brother and friend ... can't imagine life without you!

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