Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"Live"...by Jim Terry

I always find it interesting in the English language, as in other languages, that a word can mean something totally different contingent upon the context it is used in even though it is spelled the same.   For instance…the wind blows verses you wind a clock. You go to the fair verses Life is fair.  Do you bow to the audience or ride on the bow of a ship or does that girl have a bow in her hair?  For my purposes today; however I wanted to examine the word “live.”

Let’s look at the first meaning of that word…

- One of my favorite shows on television due to his comedy routines is “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon. As you know, this show is taped “live”. 

- If you go to a nightclub or even a restaurant they will sometimes have “live” music.

-  Newscasts can sometimes be broadcast at a “live” scene.

-  If you’re an electrician and work near “live” wires, you need to be careful.

The second meaning to this word can be associated with some of the examples given below and is the definition I want to focus on today…

-  You “live” your life.

-  I had to “live” on the college campus, while I was going to school.

-  I wonder what it was like to “live” in the 50ties.

-  She was diagnosed with cancer and may not “live” much longer.

And why am I pointing this out might you ask? Well, I was able to witness a wonderful person and great man that I know, that helped put into perspective what it means to really “live.” 

Within a short five-month time frame within the past year, this person not only lost his wife of fifty-one years but also his own Mother who almost made it to one hundred years old.  He has also withstood several ups and downs of the economy with his business over the years.  Those of you, who work in an industry that fluctuates with the economy like construction, know all too well how hard it can be financially when times get tough. And when those times were tough, he was the first to sacrifice anything he had for the sake of his family or for others in need.  This man has also survived being the father of eight children and withstood the elements and factors in life that can tear a family down or apart by being their protector or as his late wife put it…"their Superman.”

If you are familiar with the movie, the comic book or the character of Superman, you all know that he had one weakness…KRYPTONITE.  Kryptonite was a radioactive substance from Superman’s home planet on Krypton that rendered his powers feeble and absolutely useless.  

Again in reference to this man that I know who lost his wife and his mother within five months of each other, you would think that something as traumatic as this would be one’s kryptonite right?  In this case; however, I believe it only strengthened his armor and his will to “live.” 

This man one night was feeling a bit defeated and was crying from, what I thought was, the loss of two very important people in his life.  I asked him if there was anything I could do to help?  He looked at me with his pale green watery eyes, tears running down his cheek and said, “I’m sad because I also am approaching the end of my life and I still want to “LIVE!”  Being dumbfounded and astonished at what I just heard, I also began to cry with him.  

Isn’t it normal or definitely EASIER for us to find the room of self pity and say, “I can’t live without them” or “I don’t want to live anymore” with a situation such as this or when we experience the death of a loved one? 

I can proudly say that this man I speak ofSUPERMANis my Father.  He didn’t even let this, in spite of his heartache and what might be a very negative and detrimental situation for most of us, become his kryptonite.  He is an amazing person, parent and best friend that has once again taught me, and hopefully all of us, another powerful lesson.  Don’t just “live” your life…”Love the life you LIVE and LIVE the life you love!” 

"Thanks Dad. I love you!"

P.S.  It has been just over a year now since my Mother started this blog.  Thanks to all of you who have commented, liked, posted and shared with us...You have helped the Terry Family "LIVE!" 

HAPPY TUESDAY and "LIVE" it as if there is no tomorrow!