Wednesday, August 9, 2017

"A" is For Apples & Angles ... by Gina Waite

If you didn't catch my "In A Nutshell" post, yesterday, you may be wondering why I would use the letter "A" in the title of my post! That's simply because we are on day two of a consecutive 6 day post ... sharing memories that coordinate with each letter in the word "Father." Why, you ask? Well TODAY of ALL days is the highly ANTICIPATED, AUGUST 8th ... IT'S MY FATHER'S BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY, DAD! I know I speak for everyone of your children when I say we LOVE you and wish you health and happiness in the years to come. I genuinely hope you'll sit down for ten minutes, today, and ENJOY a cup of ice-cold water (the only way you drink it) AND hopefully enjoy yesterday's post about the memories I have associated with the letter "F" in "Father" and maybe even follow that up with today's post which is dedicated to the memories I have that are associated with the letter "A" in "Father."

Now onto my thoughts and family memories associated with the Angelic letter "A":
I have ALWAYS been AWARE that it was an AWESOME experience to be raised with eight siblings. ALTHOUGH, it never occurred to me that A LOT of those memories would come to me associated with my siblings would be revisited when smelling APPLES. APPLE cider and dehydrating APPLES especially heightens my awareness of our APPLE orchard and my happiness in feeding the horses through the fence. The AMBITION my parents had to purchase ACERAGE to build a beautiful home, horse barn and cabinet shop then ADDING an orchard, raspberry patch and garden! As children, we received AWARDS for our ABILITY to garden!

My Dad's ATHLETICISM AND ANTICIPATION of ALL things competitive spilled over into ARM and leg wrestling matches that left most of us sore and in need of an ASPIRIN! I must ADMIT ... my Dad's endless energy and AGELESS APPROACH at life lead the family on many ADVENTURES! My Mom's talent and ARTISTRY in ABSOLUTELY everything she did! Even ACQUIRING enough coordinating fabric that she could make ANNUAL Christmas jammies for ALL eight of her children. In thinking about it ... ARTISTIC ABILITY rubbed off on ALL my eight siblings, except me (I was tempted to use ACCEPT...but my Mom might be AGAINST that word choice ... wink, wink); ALTHOUGH, I did ARRANGE for ALL my siblings to be ACTORS and ACTRESSES in my AWESOME, self-proclaimed, AWARD-winning days of AUTHORING, producing and directing Summer screenplays!
So many memories of backyard and trampoline ACROBATICS that kept ALL of us busy through AUTUMN! Oh AUTUMN ... that glorious time of AUTUMNAL coloring that my ANGEL of a Mother loved with ALL of her heart! ANGELS remind me of my Mother and Grandmothers, ALONG with my sister, ANGIE (who is aptly nicknamed, "Angel') ... my nephew Andrew (who will be talked about in length TOMORROW during the TWINS post) ... my besutiful neice, Savahnna who ALSO shares an AUGUST birthday and my darling Paris who was born in APRIL AND longed to be an ANIMAL doctor. AHHHH ... I love remembering the letter "A"!
Stay tuned tomorrow for the TERRIFIC letter "T"!

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