Friday, August 11, 2017

"E" is For ETERNITY ... by Gina Waite

So family and friends of "In a Nutshell," today happens to celebrate the day we discuss the letter "E" in our 5th consecutive day of posting memories associated with the letters in "F-A-T-H-E-R." I made the realization about two days ago that I would EVENTUALLY have to EXPLAIN memories that start with the letter "E". This is an ENORMOUS task to my fried EGG-type of brain, this week. I promise, I have no real EXCUSE EXCEPT the letter "E" is EXCEPTIONALLY hard to think of nouns associated with it! We may have to start off with EASTER EGGS as there were never more creative EXCITEMENT at our home than that of decorating our un-EQUALED EGGS:

EVERY one of my siblings and parents are artistically talented. In our own way we EACH shine in different areas of art and artistry. My Mom and Dad really EXAMINED and creatively came up with EVERY opportunity they could to include productivity and tradition with artistic EXCELLENCE. Going back to an EARLIER EXPLANATION, this week, my Mom showed her own artistic EXCELLENCE when she ENGAGED herself in sewing Christmas jammies with an individual style that suited EACH of us, almost EVERY year for Christmas. As excited as we were to open our Christmas jammies, we were EAGER for our annual EASTER EGG dying and decorating! I think EVERYONE in my household, growing up and the final EXTENSION of my own little family, was ENTHUSIASTIC and ENERGETIC about this annual EXERCISE. Wax crayons, vinegar and all sorts of added accessories were used in EXECUTING creative EGG dominance. I think once, one of my siblings used ELASTICS to cover certain parts of a hardboiled EGG in order to cover and EXPOSE different areas of the shell in order to create a pattern. EGG contests always ENSUED and my Mom did her absolute best to recognize EACH and EVERYONE of us.

I think of ENVELOPES. Before her graduation into the Spirit World, my Mom wrote me the most EXCELLENT birthday letter filled with EXPRESSIONS of love and admiration for my EXAMPLE. My Mom was so talented in EXPRESSING her love through letter writing. Similarly, I have never known a person to be more EXCEPTIONAL in EXPRESSING ideas and stories off the top of their head than that of my, EXCELLENT Mother. 

One EXAMPLE was a time she had several of her grandchildren gathered together in a room at my brother, Richard's house, to EXPLAIN details of a story about EACH one of them in her imagination. There was so much EXCITEMENT and ENERGY involved that when the ENEMY of her story approached the un-EXPECTING heroes ... the ENGAGED grandchildren were involved to the point that one of them EXTRACTED their lunch in front of EVERYONE. The EXCELLENCE of story-telling to create such EMOTIONAL involvement that the audience may be physically ill ... is a gift ... and one my Mom gave to EACH one of her grandchildren that EXTREMELY ENJOYABLE, and memorable, night! I'm so grateful to have an EXCELLENT memory ... my Mom's contributions to our family and ETERNAL and un-ENDING love with never be ERASEDfrom my mind.

Hmmmm...I'm realizing how EXCITING and EMOTIONAL writing about memories associated with the letter "E" have been for me! I'm so ETERNALLY grateful for my family and the fact I got to EXPERIENCE writing about it, this week!

Stay TUNED TOMORROW for the letter "R"! The wrap-up and RESOLVE to our week-filled posts of our REWARDING family REALTIONSHIP!

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