Wednesday, August 9, 2017

"F" is For Family ... by Gina Waite

I know I've said this before but days seem to fly by now! I remember thinking how quickly the Summer went by as a kid-but now, Shazam ... it's GONE! It's how I felt in June when my good intentions to write daily posts leading up to Father's Day completely flopped as my brain had a disconnect with the fact that I WOULD BE GONE on a ballroom tour with my children that would keep me completely occupied and busy the entire TWO WEEKS BEFORE! What ... I double-booked myself???? How can that be???? That's NEVER happened before (here's where I wish I could insert a sarcastic, side-sneer emoji as it seems the closer to 50 years old I get ... the MORE these things are HAPPENING!)

So let me catch everyone up to speed. In June, starting with the Monday BEFORE Father's Day, I had anticipated coordinating each day with a letter in the word, Father, that would also combine a flood of memories of my Dad. As I started writing those Father's Day week posts (I emphasize "started" as it's difficult to prepare your house, garden, yourself, hubs, two children, a father-in-law and a darling but crazy blonde golden doodle for ten days of vacation and be well rested enough you don't completely pass out at some point on the tour bus #ithappened) I realized that to talk about the memories of my childhood and my Dad would ACTUALLY integrate my ENTIRE family ... ESPECIALLY my Mom! She made life MAGICAL! So to expound and revisit an idea I was EXTREMELY EXCITED ABOUT, I'd love to remember my dad on the week of his birthday by sharing memories of my family while using the word, "FATHER." This has inspired and conjured FABULOUS memories for me that I'd love to share with ALL of you in hopes ... you may want to reply and share some of your memories, too!

Let's start today with the letter "F"!
My Fabulous Family was/is extremely Friendly! I cannot remember a time that my parents hosted a nightly dinner without a Friend of one of the eight children there to enjoy with us, too. The Funds that it must have required to Feed the ten of us at home and then Frequently adding extras to Feast with us was as Fiercely loyal Friendship as one could Find. My brother Ryan got the nickname of "Fred" and his twin sported a beautifully curly, Fro ... For which my son, also Fancied at Fifteen!
My Fam was also Frighteningly Fun! The time and effort that went into our annual Halloween Spook Alley Frequently approached Fifty or more Families every Halloween! The handmade costumes and gravestones along with Fog machines and Flashing strobe lights seem to Fit In with even the BEST effects of the day! Finally, there were lots of Summer Bon Fires, and Few Fall evenings or chilly Winter mornings, without the crackle and pop of the Fiery Flames in our beautiful Fireplace.
Stay tuned tomorrow for the letter "A" and please think of Any Additional "A" memories you can Add!
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