Friday, August 11, 2017

"H" is For HOLIDAYS ... by Gina Waite

Just to review what is happening with "In A Nutshell" this week, we are on day four of six, reviewing thoughts and memories associated with each letter in the word, "FATHER" as we celebrate my Dad's birthday this week! Consequently, we ALSO celebrate birthdays in AUGUST for: Andrew (my brother Richard's baby boy) Savahnna (my sister, Angel Angie's gorgeous girl) and our VERY OWN TERRIFICALLY TALENTED TWINS (Richard and Ryan my twin brothers.) So far we've already reviewed the letters "F"... "A" ... AND "T" ... today is the day of the letter "H":

HAIR ... as a family ... we HAPPEN to HAVE a HEALTHY, HECK of a lot!!!! At one time in HER life, my Mom HAPPILY sported the bee-HIVE (and tried to make that work for my sisters as pictured) as well as my daughter, Paris, used to refer to her little todder-tried half-ponytail as HER "HELICOCK-CO (helicopter) HAIR!" As a child, I thought I could HELP Mike with a HAIRCUT and butchered his in the bangs while HACKING off my HIGHLY-LOVED blonde ponytails underneath the elastics. My HEAVENS ... I'm so glad to be ALIVE today!!! Our resident, HAIR-GICIAN, Angel Angie kept us all on point and HEALTHY, in the HAIR department. She did HAVE HER experiment-with-my-own-HAIR-through-HAIR-school days ... but HAPPILY moved out of that stage as she HEALED HER own by wearing HATS! 

Speaking of HATS ... there are memories of a day when Lora, my HILARIOUS sister, decided to take HER HILARIOUS antics to new levels by sporting a wicker chicken basket on her HEAD. The basket, itself, was a replica of a life-sized chicken and split HORIZONTALLY to open HALF-way down. Perfect for my sister to place the top, atop HER HALF-COCKED HEAD. Lora HEADED out to the backyard to entertain HER family, who were HAZY with HUGE amounts of HOMEWORK, without HEARING or realizing that all my Dad's HIRED-HANDS were in full view of her HILARIOUS chicken dance. Upon completion, HOOTS and HOLLERS went up and now the dance is of legend and HISTORY!

HARDLY ever do I remember a HOLIDAY without the magical effort and resources of my now, HEAVENLY-HAPPY Mother, and HER HANDSOME, HANDY , HELPMEET of a HUSBAND! New Years, Valentine's, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween and ESPECIALLY CHRISTMAS were HYPED-UP and HONORED! My Mom and Dad arranged for HORSE-drawn sleigh and HAY rides and the previously mentioned HALLOWEEN HOUSE OF HORRORS (family spook alley.) Through all the memories, my parents were many HATS and I can HONESTLY say ... I HAD a very HAPPY childHOOD!
Stay TUNED TOMORROW for the letter "E"! It's EVERYTHING EVERYONE has been EXCITED for!

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