Thursday, August 1, 2013

Spring, summer, fall, winter and ...

Marlene Terry
We're in season No. 5 here in Idaho. ... The one that sandwiches itself periodically between spring, summer, fall and winter and always occurs when it's the most inconvenient and annoying for everyone.

Not normally a complainer, I was surprised just recently to feel the "heat" (of anger), caused by that season. ... It was the day that it took over 20 minutes for me to travel four blocks, ending up just half a mile from my home, all because of the heavier than normal, backed-up traffic caused by "CONSTRUCTION!" 

That particular season can't even boast a change of color for the enjoyment of those trapped by its arrival. That is unless you count the bright orange of the hazard cones that for me at least, are beginning to feel like permanent landmarks. They've been in place on the same stretch of road since late last fall.
There is also the neon lime green vests of workers who risk bodily injury from road-ragers, as they hold up their stop/slow signs and timidly give permission after we've been in the same place for a half hour or more, to move on. ... Could be that's why so many of those workers are frail little women. ... Much more difficult to feel all right about hitting them!

I guess I wasn't the only one who was late for work that day. But there's something really wrong when a trip that should take about 10 minutes ends up lasting over an hour!
The most frustrating part? Those who for whatever reason don't see (RIGHT!) those giant, lighted and flashing arrows that early on, direct everyone from the right lane to the left in order to allow ONE single line to move through the demolition.
I swear. There were at least a dozen or so motorists who were driving everything from minivans filled with kids, motorcycles, trucks belching stinky diesel gas fumes  to an empty school bus of-all-things, who zoomed right on by those of us who WERE following the rules, and up to the place where we had no choice but to let them move out in front of us ... or let them sit there for the rest of the day ... or fall into that deep crevice created by the backhoe.
... Personally, I'm leaning toward the option of letting them sit there for the rest of the day. 
... Of course we'd just have to ignore their looks of desperation and waves of gratitude. You know. Those that say, "Oh my gosh. I can't believe I'm in the wrong lane and "Thanks so much for letting me in."

... That'll never happen. But it makes me smile every time I think about it!

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