Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A bounteous harvest ...

Marlene Terry
I'm sharing with a friend today, what will probably be some of the last tomatoes and cucumbers that we get this year from our little garden in the backyard.
... And it's been a blast.

Not that I have a green thumb. But what I lack in verified gardening skills, I make up for with an honest to goodness love of what those skills produce.

Ever hear of someone who absolutely loves the way freshly cultivated soil smells?
That's me ... something my granddad taught me to appreciate during the days I spent with him out in the fields on his farm.
And I really did think, back then, that when I grew up, a farmer was what I'd become.

The truth is however, it's my hubby who, determined and steady, spends most of his spring and summer mornings and evenings, planting, watering and weeding.
Of course, I assist. And I love being out there, in the fresh air and appreciating the miracle of growing things. ... I also don't mind sharing in the credit, when the praises come from grateful neighbors and friends who are absolutely thrilled that we have a garden and there's plenty for everyone.

In a few more days it will be time. And then we'll be busy removing the plants that are done with the process of providing things like "green beans cooked slow with bacon for dinner"(yum), and delicious fresh, juicy tomatoes for slicing, salads and eating right out of the garden.

We'll carefully take the butternut and spaghetti squash from their vines  and store them along with the last of our onions in a box in the garage ... a sweet reminder of the summer and why we need to look forward to the next one.

And yes. I already know that you can purchase all of that at the local grocery store, and as a friend recently told me recently, "cheaper at times and without all the sweat and labor, too."
... That is, you can purchase everything except ... the sun shining on your face as you toil, worry and rejoice over those plants, the sound of wind chimes and the birds singing in the trees near the garden, the feeling of success in a job well done, and the smiles on the faces of those you share your bounteous harvest with. 

... Those things ... are priceless!

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