Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The sooner the better ...

Marlene Terry
Let me be the first ... this year ... to remind you that Christmas is just 98 days away.
And if that announcement didn't make you recoil in disgust, curse at the prospect or turn off your computer in rebellion ... then you're still reading. ... And I can add, if you're planning to handcraft any gifts for loved ones, it's time to get started.

I know, I know. Many are uncomfortable and squirm with the thought that Christmas creeps up like it does. That it's become too commercialized. We spend too much money. And we've forgotten the true meaning of the day that we now celebrate, it seems, for months before it arrives.

It used to be that businesses didn't display decorations and potential gifts until AFTER Thanksgiving. ... But now?
Just the other day (early in September) I watched as two huge semi-trucks pulled in near the freight receiving area at the store where I work. ... They were parked there for hours while those responsible unloaded what appeared to be (gulp) a warehouse full of Christmas items.
... Suffice it to say that our once almost empty freight room is now stacked to the ceiling with things needed to make merry in a few weeks.

Now if you're thinking that this is when I'm going to join in and complain about how inappropriate and awful all of that is ... you're wrong. Because the truth is, I love Christmas, the sooner the better, and anytime during the year. 

I love seeing the change in people as Christmas approaches, the  sacrifices made to be able to give, give, and give, ... not just monetarily but of themselves and to everyone.
I'm always thrilled to see the lights go up. ... Santa with his sleigh on roofs, stars on tree tops, snowmen and nativities on lawns ... happy, twinkling, reverent.

"Merry Christmas" greetings ... from friends, the cashier at the grocery store ... complete strangers.
Words of a favorite carol being sung by groups in the street, on TV or my radio on my way to work through falling snow.
A fire crackling in the fireplace, the laughter and excited happy voices of children on Christmas morning ... heartwarming, fun, memorable.

Christmas cards from family and friends that help us to remember who we love, how much we love and why. 
Treats made and eaten just once a year ... and CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!
I have 25 in my collection. ... One for every day beginning Dec. 1, with my favorite, George C. Scott in Dickens' The Christmas Carol ... humbling, thoughtful, emotional.

For all these wonderful reasons and a lot more, I say bring Christmas on ... the sooner the better and all year long.

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