Thursday, September 26, 2013

The gopd ocd diys ...

Marlene Terry

It was fun watching the Seahawks vs 49ers game going on in Seattle while chatting with my daughter the other night.
... Not that she was sitting next to me. She, at her home in Washington and me at mine in Idaho, were chatting courtesy of the "texting" ability provided on our cell phones.

"Wow," her message lit up the screen on my phone. "The Hawks are awesome. We're going to the Super Bowl."

"Yure prpbavly rifht," I texted back.

... Speaking about my ability to text ... I'm always thankful  that no matter how amateurish my thoughts are transferred, my kids and friends always seem to be able to decipher the hieroglyphics and make sense of what I'm trying to say.

Never thought I would sound like an old-timer. You know, those grouchy senior citizens who seem to complain about everything that's new and out of their comfort zone.
In fact, I used to laugh at and make fun of my mother-in-law, who  began telling us in her late 70s that we better not gift her with any of those "new-fangled contraptions." Because, as she'd say, she was NEVER going to use them anyway!

Back then that kind of statement  just didn't make any sense to me. Because I couldn't wait to see what technology would offer. ... And I absolutely loved setting up, installing, and programming whatever.
... But that was then, when I could see clearly for a mile, hear a pin drop at the other end of the house, remember every single phone message that came in during the day without ever writing down any information, and life in general really did seem like "a piece of cake."

Now here it comes ... proof that I have officially entered the ranks of some of those "grouchy senior citizens."
I really don't like that phones aren't just for calling someone, anymore.
You know, punching in or dialing a simple phone number so you can talk in a real voice, to a live person on the other end of the line?
These days you have to use a magnifying glass and your thumbs of-all-things in order to type in what you want to say on a teeny tiny keyboard, so tiny you can never hope to see the letters, and send it as a single message. ... Or my favorite thing to COMPLAIN about ... you can send it as a multimedia message to several people, and for me, some you don't even know, and hope for a response.

... Just one more complaint. 

To be in the main stream, you need to learn texting language as well ... acronyms or phone shorthand.
For instance: 10Q is "thank you"; LOL?  "Laugh out loud." And CUsn is "see you soon!"

And all I have to say about that is: "Gove me bsck the gopd ocd diys!" (... Translation not available!)

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