Friday, September 6, 2013

Opting for mystery and adventure ...

Marlene Terry
The world is an amazing place ... and for some, filled with mystery and adventure.

I work a little part time job for a sewing machine dealer along with coworkers who I have found to be fun and interesting. Especially love that most of them seem to enjoy that aforementioned mystery and adventure ... even though there are many others who just laugh at the prospect.

Take my hubby for instance. The most lively conversations we ever have is are on that very subject.
He'll say, after I offer a recently heard report on another crop circle sighting: "Why would beings from other worlds come to earth with their sole mission to make designs in fields? That doesn't make any sense at all." 
It's the thought that lifts us up, excites the senses and ... well, moves daily routine to the background for a few exhilarating moments.
What if ... in our everyday, mundane lives, something spectacular and breathtaking, something we can't control or explain MIGHT really exist?

That's why, when the comment came up the other day at work that on the Internet there was a photo from the Civil War era that showed Union soldiers standing over a dead pterodactyl of-all-things, I could hardly wait to get home to check it out.

OK. If you can't resist coming back at me with a "Photoshop altered," or "that's obviously a fake" explanation, it's time to place both your hands over your eyes and turn away from your computer screen.
WE others, will bask in the sight of the leathery-winged, prehistoric flying reptile that looks to have been taken down by men with olden day firearms over 100 years ago.
Just one more "spectacular and breathtaking" thought to consider: According to the Internet source,, the antique sepia photo first appeared in a "Believe it or Not," type book sometime in the late 1950s early 1960s with a caption stating the image was of an unknown bird or monster killed in 1864 during he Civil War near Vicksburg. The photo didn't debut on the Internet until much later in the 1990s.  ... But for all intents and purposes, the Internet version is the exact, same photo that appeared in the 50s/60s publication.

... Hmm. As I said ... exhilarating!

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