Monday, September 2, 2013

Celebrating the efforts ...

Marlene Terry
Happy Labor Day everyone. It's the last holiday of the summer and I join with others in celebrating the efforts of the working man/woman.

Many will take a breather today, enjoying the outdoors and/or some extra time in their homes. A chance to rest from their labors.
Many others will continue performing duties that although perceived as small and mundane at times, will not only fill in the gap of a well deserved holiday for coworkers, but also keep irreplaceable programs going.

Just want you to know that after happening on to the video I'm sharing today, I'm a confirmed fan of Katy Perry. I've always loved her song "Firework," but from now on, I'll never listen to it quite the same way.
Thanks to all —famous, heralded and not so much, who are examples of what continuous hard work and love can do.

...  Watch, think and enjoy!

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