Monday, December 30, 2013 Mary Hazlett

I had thought this to be the perfect title with the upcoming event on the know...the New Year!  Where the heck did all last year go?  Okay, it is time again.  Time for those New Year's Resolutions...

If most of you are like me, the first four resolutions don't change from year to year... 1. lose weight... 2. lose weight... 3. save a little money... oh, and 4. lose weight.

I actually get a little sense of relief each January because I really don't have to be that creative in what I would really like to change about my life.  Which is mostly due to the fact that I always eat too much on the holidays and spend too much money on Christmas... so viola ... New Year's Resolutions DONE!

Change... seems like it should be a four letter word...doesn't it?  This fall as I was watching all the trees change and lose their leaves in the backyard,  I thought how that must just hurt for so many different reasons.  Those trees worked all summer on getting these beautiful leaves and growing and then fall comes along and BAM!  Leaves gone and here comes the freezing temperatures and SNOW!

Oh how I pondered this change thing... and sitting underneath a gigantic maple at least fifty years old... it came.  Although fall and winter come with a cold harsh change... it is worth it.  These trees soon emerge with new found life and hardiness to endure the days ahead.  The sun will undoubtedly shine more and warm the earth and these trees will explode with life.  We have all seen it...SPRING!

So this year's resolutions... may be a little different for me!  Of course I still have the ever present lose weight and save money resolutions, but they have moved to the bottom of my priority list.  This year will be about change of heart.  A CHANGE that can give me the strength to endure the weather ahead.  So, I know you are dying to know my resolutions so here goes...

1. Listen to those around me more intently and have genuine concern for them.
2. Enjoy the life moment I am in...right now...and not pine for yesterday or tomorrow.
3. Tell each of my family members at least once every week... "I love you".
4. Remember Mother everyday and thank Heavenly Father for her life.

...and the others... you already know.  I am so glad that life experiences help us cherish life, love a little deeper, and share important things with those you love.  So, bring on the New Year and bring on the CHANGES...But until January 1st...Please pass me some chocolate!