Monday, December 9, 2013

Worthy of "the thankful" nod ...

Marlene Terry
The social media has been alive the past few weeks with posts about the things people are most grateful for.
I mean, it's appropriate, being that we're coming up on the time of the year when thinking AND ACTING on those things is foremost in our hearts and minds.

And since it "Tis The Season", I'd thought I'd add few more to the list. Not the normal things we think of but nonetheless, for me at least, worthy of a "thankful nod," too!

No. 1. I'm very thankful for not falling after tripping and sliding across the floor in kind of a "Granny surfer mode," the other day at work.

No. 2. I'm thankful for having my car start (barely) a few weeks ago, after someone (don't know who) left the lights on ALL NIGHT.

... And No. 3. I'm thankful for the lady (a stranger and responsible pet owner) who walked her FOUR dogs past my home a morning or two ago. ... She stopped and spent several minutes picking up and removing thoroughly ALL the poop her dogs left on my lawn.

I mean, what if I HAD fallen after I slipped that day? ... At my age and brittle-boned I could have ended up in a body cast, unable to work or even move for that matter.

The day my car unbelievably started after chugging a few times, I was able to attend and not even be late for a very important family event. ... I would have felt bad about missing it FOREVER.

... And the poop?

... Have I ever mentioned that I'm a gagger?
Smells and textures do it every time.
Just ask my dentist who during my appointments with him, not only has to put up with my nose plugs so I can't smell that dentisty odor that permeates medical offices, he also has remove any appliance he may put inside my mouth. ... And yes, that DOES include rubber dams, but also those unobtrusive suction tools!

Can't even place a little piece of paper in my mouth even for a second. You know, like when you latch on to your grocery list with your teeth, just long enough to remove your coat inside the "much too warm” store.
... Believe me when I say it takes the joy of shopping, for especially groceries, away from everyone, when you walk by them pushing your cart while gagging and threatening to upchuck at any moment.

And I don't think I have to say a word about what a pretty sight it would have been had I been forced to clean up the dog poop from my lawn that morning.

Usually have to hold my breathe during those types of tasks. And with the 6-7 really big piles that were deposited, I probably would have lost consciousness before I finished and fell face-first in one.

... And then as they say ... that would be another story!

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