Wednesday, December 18, 2013 Marlene Terry

Integrity's more than just a noble word,
For it's secret comes straight from the heart.
It tell us, "GO ON" for more than the extra mile, 
Giving all, and doing our part!

It means that our word, is worth more than gold,
When we deal with the world or a friend,
It  means not complaining, when the task grows hard, 
Always striving and enduring to the end.

It makes us kneel down at the end of the day,
With gratitude and humility so strong,
And then thank God for the trial we all share,
And admitting, YES, sometimes we're wrong.

It's knowing why we're here, they trying each day, 
In the face of mass confusion and strife,
To remember the example that for us was set,
By our Savior so we might have life.

It's ever so fragile and fleeting and then gone,
When the pressure we allow to close in,
But only in danger when we choose not to try,
Then with courage, we go forth, on to WIN.

Integrity's more than, just a noble word
Though our souls, grown nobler with each test.
It's doing and caring, standing up for what's right, 
Every day, every way to DO OUR BEST!