Friday, December 27, 2013

Sledding and life lessons... by Mary Hazlett

Why is it that this picture brings me sooo much joy??  Well, can I ask are you smiling looking at this picture?

Two winters ago was Benson's first ever sledding trip... and as you can see... he LOVED it!!!  So, in turn, so did I!  I wonder why is it that Benson has a smile from ear to ear as he is careening down a cold and bumpy mountain????  Well, look who is in control of his sled....Yep, his Daddy.. and you can bet he is sure that he will be safe and at the same time have a wonderful time experiencing something so crazy and still reach the end of the hill in one piece.

That got me does this relate to me... or rather to us.  Yea, life is a bumpy cold ride sometimes.... and why can't I smile like that???
Oh Yea, I've forgotten whose lap I am riding on and who is control of the sled.  Why is it.... that children remind us of all that is important....Why is it.... life gets overwhelming and we can't remember to enjoy the ride.... and.. Why is it.... we forget there is a larger plan for our lives and just sit back and laugh at the bumps.

Well, family and friends, here is to remembering that God is in control and he knows WAAAY more than we do..... So, I dare you to just SMILE, HOLD ON and know you are in HIS safe keeping!

"We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails!"