Thursday, February 6, 2014

A.D.H...Ooh Angie Terry

Definition of sparkle:
1. Shine brightly with flashes of light,” her earrings sparkled as she turned her head.”
2. Be vivacious and witty”after a glass of wine she began to sparkle.”
Be lively, be vivacious, be animated, be ebullient, be exuberant, be bubbly, be effervescent, be witty, and be full of life.

Glitter, glint, glisten, twinkle, flash, blink, wink, shimmer, shine, and gleam.

These are the things in life that catch my eye and if someone gave a description of me, I would hope that most of these words that describe "sparkle" would be part of it.  My sister Gina said it best when she said if you take A.D.H.D and put a twist on it, that is the disease she has...the disease of “A.D.H…OOh Shiny.”   Myself, I call my disease “A.D.H…Ooh SPARKLE!”  I remember having a conversation about glitter girls and I said, “you are born to love all that sparkles and glistens or you’re not .It is not a learned love it just happens.”

My favorite purses (and I say purses) because if you’re a true sparkle girl you have many that resemble a chandelier .The more sparkle and twinkle the better. I have clothing that does its own dance in the right light with all the glitter, sequins, and crystals that adorn them. Shoes…oh my! Lots of those with bright colors and twinkle toes and crystals…they truly set my soul on fire.

My fabulous dressing room, the one with the zebra print high heel shoe chair, literally glows from all the body glitter I apply daily…not to mention the luminous body butters and lotions.  Let’s talk jewelry…I have two jewelry amoires filled with so much sparkle I can’t even count it. Funny so much to choose from and I really wear only a handful of it. I now have one pair of earrings that are my favorite and I have to tell the story behind them.

Recently, in my Nutshell, I spoke of my trip to Las Vegas where the most fabulous earrings were found. My sweetie (Scott) and I were at the airport after my wonderful birthday trip heading back to our homes. On our way to our gates I spotted a Brighton store…for those of you who do not know what a Brighton store is, they are known for quality and beauty in silver, jewelry and handbags.  Scott and I had time to take a look in this store and it did not take long for my “A.D.H…Ooh Sparkle” to kick in.  I was drawn to the most beautiful earrings I have ever seen. I held them in my hand while visions of wearing them danced in my head.  Like a screech on a record… I looked at the price tag. The price wasn’t that bad but after being in Vegas for a time, I didn’t have enough money for them so I had to put them back.  I wandered aimlessly in the store…only to go back to look at those earrings! The time came and we had to leave the store and I remember saying to Scott, “I am going to regret not buying those earrings for the rest of my life!” 

We arrived at the airport and walked to our gates…Scott was flying back to California and I to Washington.   When parting, it’s always a sad event for us…we were hugging and crying and saying our goodbye’s.   Scott then said he had something for me and he had me a little bag from the Brighton store.   I don’t know how he was able to purchase something without my knowledge…but he had bought the most fabulous earrings, I regretted not buying, for me. It was such an emotional moment for me I would NEVER forget it…Little did I know how much these earrings would mean to me.

This past October, my mother posted a nutshell about GOW (Girls Only Weekend.) All the girls in the family were invited to spend a weekend with our mom in Salt Lake City, Utah.  While there, I wore my most fabulous earrings and my mother commented at least 3 times how beautiful they were. My sister Gina and I gave each other the nod, knowing my mother had to have those earrings for Christmas as a gift…I was determined that I would be buying my mother those same beautiful earrings for her gift. The next day, after GOW was over, I was back home and I got on the internet and ordered those earrings for my mother.  I was so excited to give them to her at Christmas.  As you all know, my beautiful mom passed away before Thanksgiving and so I traveled back to Idaho for my mother’s funeral. I took those beautiful earrings with me. With the help of my wonderful sisters, we had the honor of dressing my mom’s body and doing her makeup to prepare her body for her viewing and funeral.  I also was given the opportunity, as a last gift to my mother, to do her hair…and consequently…I also brought the earrings.   I asked the family if they thought it was ok to give her my Christmas gift.  All were in agreement and so I unwrapped the most beautiful earrings and with tears then and now writing this, I gave her the earrings and put them on for her.

Every time I wear these beautiful earrings I get comments how stunning they are.  I have had two friends order a pair for themselves.  It was such a pleasure as since my mother’s passing, I have since bought all the girls that went with our mom on GOW (our best gift ever given to us) a pair of those beautiful sparkling earrings. Oh the joy and love not only from my boyfriend first buying those earrings for me, but the love and closeness they represent with the girls in our family. I will forever cherish every minute of our Girls Only Weekend and the memory and sparkle those earrings represent!