Monday, February 3, 2014

Groundhog's Mary Hazlett

I love Groundhog's Day.  It really is a pretty silly holiday to look forward to, but I DO!  I love the whole idea of people getting together and celebrating something so simple and just plain fun.  Not to mention, I feel as if I make it to February 2nd, then I can make it through the rest of winter no matter what the Groundhog sees or doesn't see.

As an every year tradition, I watch the movie Groundhog's Day... the one with Bill Murray.  If you have not seen the movie,  let me sum it up for you.  A self-centered weatherman is slotted to broadcast the groundhog event at Punxsatawney on February 2nd.   His name is Phil Connors.  Well, Phil ends up reliving the same day over and over again in which he does just about everything you can think you might want to do if there were no consequences such as: overeating, driving over a cliff, stealing money and spending it, and punching that annoying insurance salesman.  And if it were me... I would fly in a stunt plane.  As you watch the movie, it just gets funnier and funnier as he tries to remember from one same day to the next same day experience what to say to woo Rita (Andie McDowell), the news producer.

This is the point of the movie when Phil gets to know Rita and is completely inspired by her positivity and begins his journey to improve himself.  He learns french, how to sculpt ice, play the piano, and helps as many of the people in town as he can.  All of the sudden, the day is no longer about Phil anymore and he uses his abilities to better the people around him.  This is FINALLY when Phil's wishes come true... he gets the girl and time marches forward to February 3rd.

Of course,  I think in my own life how I would love to relive some days and some moments too.  I feel as if watching this movie this February 2nd has given me a second New Year's.  A day that I renewed my goals and reexamined my priorities.   So, it is on February 3rd, that Phil says to Rita that he wants to live in Punxsatawney forever with her... with his new priorities, his new goals, and his new friends.  So, it is February 3rd today... where are you with your priorities, your goals, and your dreams?  I will sit back today and think about how Phil only got his wishes to come true when he turned his life over to helping others.

What a good moral....Don't you think?  The secret to having it all is believing that you do!  Happy February 3rd to you all!

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