Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Time Capsule...by Mary Hazlett

A time capsule is a historic cache where things are stored as a way to communicate to people in the future.  In 1939 at the New York World's Fair, a capsule was created that weighed 800 pounds and contains everyday items such as  a spool of thread, a doll, a Book of Record, a vial of staple food crop seeds, and some microfilm spools containing some texts. Of course this time capsule is to be opened in 6939, so I am pretty sure that I will not get to see these items personally.  However, I did get to step into a time capsule of my own. 

 Two Saturdays ago, I was asked by my sweet father to clean out my mother's closet.  Surely, you can understand that this was a responsibility that I never thought I would be privileged to have...after all I am the baby of eight children.  Immediately as my dad made this request my heart started to pound in my chest...knowing full well that this was going to be...well... hard.  

As I stepped into my mother's closet and glanced over all the clothes...my mind began to wander... to wonderful things.  I stood there with each item of clothing thinking about where I remember seeing her in it.. I saw her... kneeling down planting her petunias, splashing in the shallow pool with my children, cleaning floors, snuggling my little boy to sleep, sitting in the chair at the hospital after I had my babies, holding a birthday cake singing, sewing, gluing on sparkly things to Christmas cards, walking down the stairs at our favorite craft show, eating popcorn at the movies, holding my arm to cross over some ice, folding clothes, talking to me across the table at JB's, and "fluffing" my dress on my wedding day. 

Tissues Please!!!

As I was getting to the end of things I came upon a crocheted vest and an unopened Christmas present. The vest was not one my mother had worn (not my mother's style).  I stood there thinking at then it came...it was her mother's.  Almost instantly, I had a vivid image of Hattie walking out from the kitchen in her floral silky shirt adorned with this crotched vest.  Now, for the unopened Christmas present.  It was sent to my Mom in 2009 from her sister Kadie (which she passed away two years this coming spring). In it was a beautifully done binder of Mom's genealogy. Certainly I could write two more pages of what I saw and felt that day... it was a sweet experience.  I felt as if I got to spend an hour or two with Mom once again... an experience of which I will never forget! 

The time capsule that day was my mother's closet and the message  contained in it was... Families are Forever.

Happy Tuesday to you all and Hug your family!

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