Monday, June 9, 2014

LOVE...and other four letter Mary Hazlett

My daughter has got this new phrase, " I just love you".  What does that do to a mother, you might ask...sends my heart fluttering and my spirits to the sky. life is good today.  So, what is Love?  I think that love is an action word.... summed up by a lot of four letter words like: work, help, care, kind, hugs, and kiss.  I believe that Love should be unconditional and surrounded by trust.

I love being in love. It is amazing how love evolves through the years.  Do you remember the flirty overwhelming love that you get when you are first married or dating?  Then it changes as you experience life together and work together and then there are KIDS...that is another four letter word.  Makes me laugh when I think of how I was when we were first married and to think today that I love my husband more than ever...even though we probably should be on a diet...another four letter word...  or maybe we should consider getting more hair in some areas and less hair in other areas...but despite all the imperfections that one may see in the both of us... He is my match, my equal... my partner.  We laugh, cry, cheer on our children, and snuggle together.

L- is for the Life we share together
O- is for the way I Ogle at my hubby
V- is for the Very glad I married him
E- is for the worthwhile Endeavor it is to LOVE

Truly, the love you give will come back to you!  Happy Monday to you all and Thank you for your support.  Our family LOVES you!!

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