Friday, June 27, 2014

My Mary Hazlett

Growing up in my large family definitely had its ups...and it ups.  I remember being 4 or 5 years old and being at home with my mom .  It was difficult for the youngest of eight to be without her siblings.  I usually missed my brothers so badly that I would ask to take a nap just to speed up the day.  Most week days involved the same routine.  Get up and get ready for the day. Around lunch time, I would help mom prepare food all the while eating a cup full of chocolate chips and then watch Mr. Rogers which was immediately followed by Sesame Street.  This was the time I would usually close my eyes and take a snooze.  My mom finally asked me why I tried so hard to sleep and I replied, "I am waiting for my boys."

My brothers were so much fun for me as a kid.  We spent hours jumping on the tramp, drawing, hide-and-go-seek, pretending, and playing our army-navy club "The Falcons".  My brothers were my everything.  

Never would I have guessed that after a once very full house emptied that I would find myself once again waiting for my boys.  Family has been such a bright and important spot in my life in soooo many ways.  My wildest dreams would not have guessed that I would be blessed, once again, with darling boys.  So now the years have passed and I find myself delightfully waking up finding that "My Boys" have come home once again!  I am one LUCKY girl!!

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