Monday, June 2, 2014 Mary Hazlett

I love it...CHOCOLATE that is!  It is the thing that gets me up and going for the day.  I often say to myself in the morning, "What would go well with chocolate for breakfast?"  We all have addictions and chocolate is mine!

C- is for its Creamy texture
H- is for the emotion it gives me...Happiness
O- is for the Optimism it bestows on me for the day
C- is for the Cares it erases for just a moment
O- is for the Others we should share it with
L- is for the Love I have for it
A- is for the Always must have for my day
T- is for the amazing Taste
E- is for the Enduring legacy of the love of chocolate that I have passed onto my children  (see picture...and Yes that is chocolate on his face!)

Today will be a good day as long as there is chocolate in the house!!

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