Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"You Look Good"...by Jim Terry

Just the other day I wanted to start the day out right so I woke up early and got a great workout in and was ready to face the world.  I also figured that since I had just burned off some calories that I could afford to stop by one of my favorite bakeries and feed my craving for some sugar. In doing so, I figured I would spread a little good cheer amongst my co-workers by getting enough doughnuts for them as well. What possibly could go wrong with a day that started as it did? 

As I walked into the bakery, I could see my favorite employee standing behind the counter as that wonderful aroma of sugary goodness filled my lungs.  I began the conversation this particular morning with this employee, a sweet small Asian lady in her fifties I have known for over two years now, by telling her, “Good Morning.” 

As the conversation continued she noticed that I had just mailed something in the mailbox just outside of her storefront.  I expressed to her that I had just mailed a birthday card and that I was grateful that I have a month coming up without any birthdays that I need to find a card or buy a gift for.

 *NOTE…When you have a large family this is really hard to do at times…having a month without a parent, a sibling, a niece or a nephew that you have to buy a gift for.

As the conversation continued she asked me how old I was and what month my birthday was in.  After I told her the month of my birthday and how many years YOUNG I was, she proceeded to say, “You look good…for your age!”  Just so you know, the ellipse is there specifically because she said, “You look good”, then paused slightly and then said, “for your age.” 

 So how should one take that really?  When people say a statement like that, why don’t they just say, “You look good?” And if they are going to add “for your age” onto the end of that particular sentence, then wouldn’t it be appropriate to know a percentage?  For instance, am I in the top 50% of looking good for my age or is it in the bottom 50% according to you?  Or better yet am I am in the top 5% or heaven forbid…the bottom 5%. 

Also as I thought about this, maybe she meant something different.  Maybe, just maybe, she thought I looked younger than I told her I was and that is why she said, “You look good…FOR YOUR AGE?”  After all, I am still a “KID AT HEART” right? 

It's hard to really know what she meant that morning and I really have not taken offense to it because she is a friend, but am I the only one or have any of you had this directed at you?  And if you have heard it, how did you take it or what can be perceived of a statement like that when it is directed at you? 

Just so you know and in regards to getting older, I am looking forward to the forgetfulness so when I hear a statement like that, I will only be able to remember the first part…"YOU LOOK GOOD!" …And to all the critics out there that might say or refer to YOUR or MY “oldness” in a possible negative connotation,  I say we refer back to the “kid at heart” in all of us and just say… “THPTPTHTHPTPTH!”

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