Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blowing bubbles ...

Don't tell anyone. But I've been shirking some duties lately, in order to spend time in the backyard. 
Picture of Marlene Terry
Marlene Terry

Really no big deal. I was just cleaning up things after some sweet grandchildren spent a Saturday afternoon doing what grandchildren do, and by chance discovered the most fascinating past time.

The kids and I of course, played in the water that day, kicked a ball around for fun, and looked at bugs under a magnifying glass. They even blew some bubbles as long as I would make sure the bubble bucket was full of solution and the wands were prepared and ready.
It took about 10 minutes for them (the grandchildren) to have had enough of most of it. But Pop-pop and Nana? That's another story.

Picture of Marlene Terry blowing bubbles with her grandson
The biggest bubble
After everyone had gone home, my hubby and I got into it. I mean the solution bottle had to be wiped off anyway and the wands needed cleaning as well. So it wasn't long before we were in competition as to who could blow the most bubbles with one dip; who could generate the BIGGEST bubble, and whose bubble would stay up the longest.
I was the winner, and enjoyed "tooting my own horn," so to speak, for the rest of the day.

I'm sure you'll understand. It's sort of like when you volunteer to help a child fly a kite. You as an adult are just assisting, right? It really isn't appropriate to give in to the urge to take off running and leave the child behind. I mean we're just getting the kite up high enough for them, so it won't dive and crash
Picture of Verl Terry blowing bubbles with her grandson
A good try at the biggest bubble
But after the child gives up and leaves, tired of waiting for you to turn over the reel and string, then there really IS no one left to fly the kite but you! ... At least that's what you tell everyone passing by and wondering why a 60ish year-old is acting like someone whose 10 or younger, giggling and screaming whenever the kite comes close to a crash and they're able to save it because of their superior kite-flying skills.

I really don't remember if I ever got to experience bubble blowing in my growing up years. Probably not, as we grew up pretty simply back then, never squandering money on anything but necessities. So I think it's OK that I get to experience it now.
Besides, blowing bubbles that day was so much fun, I'm still smiling at the memory.

And as far as the future goes?

... Whenever one of our grandkids needs help blowing the most bubbles, or the biggest or longest lasting? ... You can be sure we'll be at their side ... to assist, of course!

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