Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer adventures ...

Picture of Marlene Terry
Marlene Terry

We're on the countdown to summer for sure.
At exactly 1:04 a.m., June 21, we'll officially slip from our conservative actions of spring and enter the most fun and crazy, as well as the longest and warmest season of the year.
And since summer is traditionally family time, we'd love to feature ... in a nutshell, of course  ... some of your favorite places to visit, summer holiday traditions, and treats.
The first of those upcoming warm weather holidays, and almost upon us, is the Fourth of July ... the water fights, fireworks and your favorite recipes (with photos) are all welcome here. Email everything to

We'll start the ball rolling today with some gorgeous photos and information of a place I bet only a few have seen.
And as an introduction of how it came to be, you have to know that I was a little girl before the "no littering laws," came to be.
Back then it was common for a family motoring along in their auto on a Sunday drive, to dispose of any accumulated garbage ... out the window.
I know. I know. It's sick. Hardly anyone I know of, would feel comfortable doing that now. "Big Mac" wrappers, French fry containers, diapers, soda bottles etc., thrown from MANY vehicles, all displayed along the roadside.
We just wouldn't stand for it, and that's good. There's no doubt that we've come a long way in managing our beautiful world. And I only tell you these things to explain what the mindset of those mentioned hereafter might have been.

Years ago our son, Jim, moved to California, and in addition to his "BIG" city adventures in that state, he takes us along with him on his other discoveries via his smart phone that include photos as well as narrated videos.

Picture of Polished beach glass in someone's handFor instance. I'd never before heard of Glass Beach, a place on the ocean in MacKerricher State Park. But it's somewhere I really want to visit now. That is, it's become a place I want to visit since Jim sent us the photo of what the ocean — assisted by Mother Nature — can do to glass bottles and miscellaneous garbage deposited for years by residents of the area.

Beautiful picture of a beach with polished glass
Actually the beach was known as "the dump," for folks who lived nearby in the early 20th century. But now, as you can see, Glass Beach is a treasure chest of polished rocks and brightly colored jewels (seaglass).

... Hmm. Doesn't it make you wonder what a diaper might look like after years of Mother Nature's intervention? ... Never mind. I really don't want to know.

♦This coming month is the grand celebration of our Nation's freedom, the 4th of July. I want to share your favorite recipes and traditions so email me at and watch for them to be posted at the "Under the nut tree" section on my blog!