Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cleaning ...

Marlene Terry
Our daughter, son-in-law and our two precious grandkids are moving again. Second time in a year to be exact. So in the "new" house we (my daughter, grandchildren and I) are in a dither trying to wipe down every wall, shelf and drawer, clean every window, vacuum up every dust bunny, and remove every bug — even if it's just "stuff that looks like a bug," my little grandson says, before the move-in day this weekend.

You know how cleaning goes.
I started on the kitchen/dining area thinking that I had about a two-hour job ahead of me. Then we moved out the refrigerator. ...Might as well take care of the archives I found underneath. 
Included were the usual Cheerios, Gummy Bears, crayons and more than one snapshot — most notably, a photo of a little boy curled up on a rug in front of a roaring fireplace. I recognized the mantle immediately. ... It's the one in the dining room.
There was also the image of a baby dressed in red jammies against a wintery backdrop.
"Bet that one went out on their Christmas cards that year," I thought as I tossed the junk into the garbage.

Funny how some actions prompt other actions. Because it wasn't long before I found myself going through the little stack of photos I carry with me every day, not because they're timely, because they're important. 
... My sweet little baby daughter (the one who is moving this weekend to the house we're cleaning), 3-months old, in a bright yellow dress asleep on my shoulder; a 2-year-old grandson (he's nearly 4 now) content and happy as can be after helping his mommy plant the garden ... while eating dirt, a mini-sized soccer player. Of course Paris was the most adorable on the team, and all my other grandchildren and children at different ages and experiences in their lives. 
... Also found a few love notes, along with a hand-drawn unicorn and the universe.
"I love you grandma," the universe note said. 
"To a patient mother from a daughter who talks a lot. Love ya Mom," was the message on another.

Couldn't believe that it was suddenly time to quit. And with a sigh, I placed my notes and photos back into my purse for safekeeping.

... Guess I'll just have to finish cleaning tomorrow, I thought, ... and took just enough time to retrieve the photos I'd found under the fridge from the garbage, wipe them off and stack them very carefully in a pile on the counter.

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