Friday, June 14, 2013


Picture of Marlene Terry
Marlene Terry

Because of the upcoming Father's Day holiday, today I'm remembering men in my life, those who have left their influence permanently in my heart and also those whose efforts have helped to make me what I am today.

Marlene Terry's Father's black and white photo
Dad has been gone now for nearly 50 years, passing away two days following his 49th birthday in 1965.
When I was a little girl I thought he, and my mom too, were movie stars. He was dark and handsome — an impressive man. He also had a way of telling stories (thanks Dad for that gift) that made me and my sisters long for bedtime and the journeys we took through his amazing imagination.
Dad worked hard for his family all of his life. And although he never amassed a great amount of wealth he always seemed thankful and content with the way things were.

I had just one grandfather that I remember. A diligent and determined farmer who was able to cultivate the ground on the steep slopes at Mink Creek, Idaho were he lived his entire life.
Marlene Terry's grandfather's homestead
Grandpa's homestead at Mink Creek. Photo taken from one of his hay fields.
I caught my first fish on Grandpa's farm, rode my first horse (sweet and steady Blanche), and wiled away many happy hours rolling down the hill that declined quickly from the front porch of the house to the barbwire fence far below. I also loved pretending to be the resident blacksmith inside Grandpa's shop. And with his broad smile and sweet hugs, he encouraged it.
A few summers later, I helped to bring in the hay from the fields. My memories include sitting on the back of the truck, scared to death that we were about to roll over and crying with my legs scratched to smithereens by the bales we'd loaded.
It really was a mystery to me back then (not now), why Grandpa truly seemed to love the place he lived and things he'd chosen to do.

Picture of Marlene Terry's Husband: Verl
Last but not least is my sweet companion. His best trait? Optimism. He absolutely won't accept defeat in anything and won't put up with my occasional pity party, either!
"Look for the blessings," he always says.
And although I don't like to admit it, no matter the situation, those blessings (tenfold) are always there.
When we were young and starting out I honestly believed he was Superman. I was happy to busy myself taking care of our large family and become the mother and homemaker I'd always wanted to be. He on the other hand put on his cape every day and stood guard at the door, blocking and fighting anything that could be harmful to those he loved the most.
He still wears that cape now, albeit past years have brought some kryptonite moments and made the fit a little more difficult. But he's still there at the door, blocking, protecting and making sure life goes on for the two of us as happily as possible.

... Here's wishing that this weekend proves to be especially wonderful for ALL you supermen out there!

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