Friday, June 28, 2013

"Dah" moments ...

I've always been one of those on-the-go gals. You know the type. Nighttime meals prepared in a crock pot or a timed oven before you leave for work in the morning; "to do" notes for the entire month attached (in alphabetical order) to the refrigerator; clocks set 15 minutes fast, so you won't EVER be late for anything, and the list goes on and on.

For me, things have to be efficient and doable in just a few minutes ... or I just don't bother. Probably why my ironing stacks up like one of the mountain peaks in the Himalayan range and items that need to be mended? ... Well, no need, because  they just don't fit anyone anymore.

It's also the reason why certain mundane duties are frustrating.
Hate, hate, hate doing things with tape. Any tape. Even with firm determination to keep it simple, the smallest job always ends up a disaster. Just can't seem to get it (the tape)  to roll out in small strips that are sticky on one side and are used to seal up wrapped packages (gifts and food for the freezer, for example) and for the quick repair of small tears in books, photos paper sacks and such.

You can believe me when I say I'm truly all thumbs. And without exception the tape ends up in a large crumpled ball, attached to my every finger, hanging from my hair, and/or firmly attached to everything except what it's supposed to be attached to.

Also irritating and without relief are the products that roll out of those cardboard boxes — such as foil, waxed paper, plastic wrap, etc. The plan is when the appropriate length is reached, you just press the product against the saw-edge of the container and tear it away.
The result?
The perfect size piece to use for whatever project you're about.

Oh. I can pull it out to the appropriate length all right. But the minute I try to cut it away from the rest of the roll, it'll jump out of the box as if possessed and fly into the air ... unrolling as it goes!
Of course I can re-roll it, but then it won't fit in the container anymore. And when I try to jam it back in the saw edge usually ruptures and leaves a torn space in the cardboard ... which I can promise will never be repaired because you have to do that WITH TAPE!

Not too long ago a friend ... OK it was my little preschool grandson offered me some advice.
"Push that in, Nana" he said pointing to the previously unnoticed (for 50 years) tabs located on each end of the container. "That keeps stuff in!"

Have those tabs ALWAYS been there? I'm just sure they haven't. I would have noticed.
... And the next time my grandson comes for a visit? We're going to explore the things I don't know about, you guessed it, ... TAPE!

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