Friday, August 30, 2013

Tender mercies

Marlene Terry
In the turmoil of a busy, LOUD world it's good to be reminded of our blessings. ... Those wonderful tender mercies of the Lord that we hardly notice at times.
Mostly it's because of human nature, I think, that we're so intent on paying attention to what's difficult in our lives. But deep down we all know in spite of the fact that it's much easier to dwell on the negative, we need to rise above it all and be thankful.

Had a wonderful reminder of my own blessings this past weekend when my sweet hubby on his way home from a few days fishing trip noticed the tale-tale bump and resistance of a deflating tire ... not on the truck he was driving but on the trailer he was pulling. And it was, by the way, filled to more than capacity with his camping gear. On top of it all and strapped down was his little float boat. His tools were safe and sound ... but almost unattainable at the bottom of the trailer.

"I said a silent prayer," he told me after he arrived home. "It didn't feel too severe, and because it would have been impossible for me to get to the jack without unloading everything from the trailer right there on the Interstate, I just slowed down and crossed my fingers."

He drove 50 miles more and made it all the way home, backed the trailer into it's parking place, released the trailer hitch and then stood awestruck, as he watched the tire suddenly deflate to the condition you see in the photo today.
Unbelievably the tread and most of the rubber on about a third of the tire was completely gone. ... Don't even want to think about what COULD have happened, had my hubby continued at a higher speed and the tire had blown.

I've been sitting here this morning pulling from memory those many other times I should have noticed angels in my life ... those who even through the hardest challenges, have provided a soft landing, so to speak, for me and those I love.

... The trip in the snowstorm that was so severe it nearly stopped us from getting to our daughter's wedding. ... We were the last car to make it through before officials closed the highway.

... A minimum wage job that came at a time when "no one at all was hiring." It provided the necessities until something else could be found.

... Protection for my sons who served missions for our church in sometimes hostile areas and circumstances. 

... A frightening encounter with a semi for a daughter and her children. The car was totaled but not once scratch was sustained on what mattered most.

... Good health for family members, and the opportunities, although demanding and difficult at times, to make a better life.
... And so much more.  

For all oft times ignored miracles. ... I give thanks!

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