Friday, January 31, 2014 Mary Hazlett

I have had trouble with my eyebrows.  Seriously, you would not think that it would be so very difficult to have these two hairy things over your eyes.  I think most of us get used to plucking or waxing in early womanhood years and generally we have it down by the time we are adults.  My learning curve is just a little different.

I have had several rare and unique incidents with my eyebrows. Intriguing how an antelope tag, a ski, and a pair of scissors get into this story...

What does an antelope tag have to do with eyebrows, you might ask...  SCOPE...RECOIL...BAM... Not only did I have a nice black shiner, but a perfectly rounded wound outlining my eye and brow.  I still have the son says it is my "grumpy line". (Truly he has NO idea how grumpy!)  Not to mention years later at college I reopened that same scar with the edge of my ski... all because I was doing my very gregarious laugh at some kid going down the moguls... SLIP...BAM... Ski Patrol!

Finally, and my favorite experience is... you know those lazy Sunday afternoons when, as a youngster, you get a little bored and are looking for things to do?  When I was in fourth grade, my brother Mike and I had some wonderful ideas on those days.  Like taking a walk outside, sitting on the deck and drawing, playing board games, and comparing body hair length... What?? You say!  Yep...eyelashes, arm hair, leg hair, and eyebrow hair.

Although it was a fun afternoon idea,  I was having difficulty obtaining a hair from my eyebrow...and so the brilliant idea I had was to take the scissors and trim myself one.  So, with scissors in hand, I cut a sample (of course I was not looking in the mirror when I did this) and upon completion,  looked in my hand and it was a small bushel of hair.  I was so proud because they were long hair pieces and sure to beat Mike's hair.  With a triumphant smile on my face, I presented my prize to him.  Mike was impressed; in fact, so impressed he was speechless with his mouth wide open...YES! Take that you LOSER!  I had won...until Mike mentioned to me that my eyebrow was barely visible.

I can never win! Eyebrows...I am adding you to my four-letter-word list!

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